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Dark Hole

Dark Hole is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Scalping Trading and Intraday Trading. Dark Hole is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows to predict and anticipate the trading Signals that it uses. In this way, the expert advisor is able to get a very high-rate of winning trades. 

The Expert was tested on the whole available historical period of many currency pairs with exceptional results. You can download the demo and test it yourself. My tests were performed with the real tick date with 99,90% accuracy, actual spread, and additional slippage.

The Special Algorithm it used can be associated with multiple indicators selectable at the bottom of the expert. There are also many interesting available features and I recommend looking at the parameters section to read the explanations.

The basic strategy starts with pending orders that follow the price until a strong turnaround where we capture the profit. 

Live Performance is also available by accessing my sales profile where you can also find my other Robots and their performances:


This expert advisor does not use dangerous strategies. In addition, all the settings are external, so that everyone can set the robot as they wish. 


  • The Recommended Timeframe is M1. The Robot can also work on any timeframe and in the blog, there is also the Set File for superior Timeframes. 
  • The Recommended pairs are EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY. The robot can work on any Pair, so there are also sets on the blog that work on different Pairs.
  • Default Settings are the best for Ecn brokers. I recommend keeping a low risk to get acquainted with Ea. There are better-set files available on the blog for high spreads. 
  • You can use any time of leverage and the minimum deposit starts from only $50, as evidenced in the EURUSD backtest. 


Dark Hole Settings

  • Max Spread: maximum spread to trade
  • Magic Number: ID number of the orders

Money Management

  • Lots: number of lots if the money management option is disabled
  • Money Management: if true enables the money management option
  • Risk Percent: if the money management option is enabled, it indicates the risk percentage
  • Max Lots: the maximum allowable lot


  • Max Position: maximum allowed position at the same time
  • Take Profit: profit target in points
  • Stop Loss: maximum loss per point order


  • Enable Time Filter: if true enables the time filter
  • Trading Start Hour: operating start Hour
  • Trading Start Minute: operating start minutes
  • Trading Stop Hours: operating end Hour
  • Trading Stop Minute: operating end minutes


  • High Low Distance: minimum distance between the current candlestick to open an order
  • Pending Distance: the distance that keeps the trailing Pending from the price
  • Moving Average Periods: moving average periods
  • Moving Average Method: averages calculating method


  • Enable Breakeven - insert breakeven
  • Breakeven Point - points for an inserted breakeven
  • Breakeven Value - breakeven value

Trailing stop

  • Enable Trailing Stop - insert trailing
  • Trailing Value - trailing stop distance
  • Trailing Step - step

Mummy Settings

  • Build a Pyramid: it enables the construction of a pyramid
  • Pyramid Distance: the distance at which the next pyramid order is placed
  • Pyramid Take: Take Medium Profit to close orders
  • Increase Lot: if true it increases the lots
  • Pyramid Plus Lots: increased lots per order
  • Pyramid Autoadaprive Lots: automatic lot increase

  • Trade Comment: personalized comment for each order


  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence: if true activates the advanced artificial intelligence method to anticipate the revenues
  • Variation of Artificial Advance: change in advance revenue
  • Reverse Option: it inverts the calculation algorithm
  • Atr Filter: if true enables the atr filter
  • Atr Period: atr calculation periods
  • Reverse Option Atr: if true, invert the atr filter rules
  • Wpr Filter: if true enables the Wpr filter
  • Wpr Period: Wpr calculation periods
  • Wpr Level: Wpr high level. (Low is auto-calculated)
  • Reverse Option Wpr: if true, invert the Wpr filter rules
  • Show Panel: Show Info Panel

For other questions, please contact me!

dhruvpatel007 2019.01.01 22:44 

Only works well on DEMO Account with commisions. As soon as slippage kicks in from live account plus commissions, all your profit disappears. As the trades are only executed during high volatility period. The best case scenario is you would remain flat at max.

nguyenvanlong 2018.12.08 01:31 

EA gives very little profit. Developers need to add new set files to optimize it.

Jin Hyun Cho
Jin Hyun Cho 2018.11.21 07:40 

Most expensive among my EAs, but worst performance.. it is useless. no profit in live..even no update.. avoid silly choice.

Mehdi Faraz Fard
Mehdi Faraz Fard 2018.11.19 17:12 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2018.11.08 06:23 

No Comment!

Abdullah Alrai
Abdullah Alrai 2018.10.16 10:37 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Tony 2018.10.02 14:58 

I just rent the product very good backtest EA fantastic 5 stars

Therese Woolnough
Therese Woolnough 2018.10.02 12:14 

I have rented this EA for a month, used the recommended set files, on up to eight pairs, with very few trades open, less than ten for the whole month and very poor results. After reading all the other problems that buyers have had, I can only recommend that you save your money and stay away from this EA.

30.10.2018 After weeks of frustration I attached this EA to another broker and within 4 days I have achieved 3% using the scalping parameters with the setfiles available from his website. The link is via the bottom of his blogpage. So I am changing my star rating and will update further after a prolonged profit achievement.

13.11.2018 Willing to give 5 stars, consistent profit with ICM broker. Thank you Marco

Martin Kirschner
Martin Kirschner 2018.09.25 12:41 

Darke hole is basically a great EA.

Do what he should. Have doubled my budget in a short time.

At first I had a hard time with the settings but then I downloaded the new settings and then everything worked fine.

I can only recommend. The help of the creator is very good. I have had some questions regarding settings. The answer always came back very quickly.

hassantiger 2018.09.20 20:03 

Everyone is lying There are no indicators and no successful experince I bought this Xpert and it is very bad this time Everyone who hangs a positive comment is an accomplice with his eXpert . Anyone who wants details sends me a message telling him everything about this failed eXpert . bad bad shiet .

The owner's warning is fraudulent and a thief depends on cheating and hypocrisy. I do not recommend anyone to deal with him.

I wish from God. To punish him. For it is a quorum .

Caution and then beware of this quorum. He brings mercenaries to give positive comments

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.09.20 17:36 

No recomiendo esto.

Aceman123 2018.09.15 18:35 

Has potential but needs some fine tuning.

babak Elikaee
babak Elikaee 2018.09.13 07:30 

perfect support. i received new setting. i haven't tested it yet. will update shortly

kaz Chin
kaz Chin 2018.09.11 06:27 

After being updated, it is giving me profits.

I think that it is an EA with a dream.

iafrati1 2018.09.08 16:24 

good EA, it make for me lot of profits

tongwei 2018.09.04 19:48 

Although I'm still in the testing phase, I'm satisfied with the author's support, and I'm going to run a real account test and update the consultant's situation truthfully.

lordtrynity 2018.09.04 09:22 

Ea same very good, best support from Marco, 5 stars only for support and other 5 stars for Expert. This is the third product purchased from this seller, I'm very satisfied!

Leon Liu
Leon Liu 2018.09.04 07:59 

so far i have used it for 2 weeks, with 90 usd intial deposit, i have made a profit of 66 usd. Not to mention i have skipped the trading on major pairs, e.g. eurusd and gpbusd.

I would try the scalping set later on after backtesting it.

RK99 2018.09.02 05:19 

Started off 2 weeks in my real account IC Markets, i've posted some of my live results on comment page. So far this ea is doing well, you need to use the set file provided and also need to use a good broker. I also recommend use good vps. Now i rate it 5 stars because of the performance and the support of author.

super_linux 2018.09.02 00:11 

U should be smart to test these EA and make best set by ur self, i see these Ea is treasure if u know how to use it

U just need 24/7 to know that

Mark Us
Mark Us 2018.09.01 13:01 

i purchase at first day & start demo account at IC Markets. all ok. +14%, 1 % dradown. Look at my post #184 myfxbook screenshoot in comments. After 6 weeks testdrive, perhaps I go live with the EA.

Rafael Moreira
Rafael Moreira 2018.08.31 19:34 

== Update on Oct 3, 2018

The EA has been profitable after updating to new version. I'm gonna test it for one month and update my review showing the results after test period.

== Original review on Aug 22, 2018

Doesn't work as promised. Might have some profits, but nothing compared to the backtests.

Hayyu Imam Muhammad
Hayyu Imam Muhammad 2018.08.30 11:58 

still not stable, will change the review if already get good result

Thanakorn Poolsawat
Thanakorn Poolsawat 2018.08.30 09:21 

big loss yesterday

please fix it...

after fix change my review



have a good solve problem good introduce

wait for a new result from new set

Ngoc Hai Huynh
Ngoc Hai Huynh 2018.08.30 08:12 

Update: I satisfied with supporting from Marco. EA has good method to get profit with set files which provided from Marco. So, I changed my rating.


Update: Author of EA contact me to find the reason of loss. I'm very appreciate about that!

If EA update new informations. Please inform me. I will try again!


This EA is not stable. It makes big loss yesterday.

I stopped it!

If author can find the good setting or new method to get profitable, then I will change my review!

Takashi Ohtaku
Takashi Ohtaku 2018.08.30 07:54 

Yesterday, the funds fell by 80%.

noshali 2018.08.29 14:17 

Amazing backtest results....Marco is very prompt in answering questions. Will keep all posted on the results on a live account.

I have been picking Marco's brain and man he patiently answered all my questions and took my suggestions in consideration. I dont know how the EA will perform live yet but the support is amazing.

Quang Mai Van
Quang Mai Van 2018.08.27 08:53 

If you do not want to risk, and want to have steady monthly profit of 10-20%. I trade completely manually. Winnings up to 99%. Max DD: 5%

Link: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/456617

Sarkis Tatevosyan
Sarkis Tatevosyan 2018.08.25 13:49 

Great backtest results, will install on real account.

Наталья Мелентьева
Наталья Мелентьева 2018.08.23 09:24 

For several days I checked Dark Hole on the tester on the historical quotation of a real account. A lot of currency pairs were tested. The spread was not small for the scalper (10) . The test period was 18 years. The results were very good!

Marco answers questions quickly, helps with installation and configuration. Marco is a very nice seller!

At the moment I give 5 stars! I hope that real results will give joy.

poliihor 2018.08.22 22:18 

This is my second product purchased from Marco and I'm very satisfied with the work of the EA and customer support.

As for the Dark Hole, EA shows solid results from accurate backtests and live monitoring is present. Will update with results from live account soon.

Version 2.70 2018.10.24
- fix error, Ea continuously opened orders, now fixed.
Version 2.61 2018.09.28
- Removal of potentially harmful cycles
Version 2.60 2018.09.14
- Little change Pyramid algorithm
Version 2.50 2018.09.11
- Fix StopLoss bug
Version 2.25 2018.09.02
- Fix Commission Auto Calculate Error
Version 2.11 2018.08.31
- Add Auto Commission Calculate
Version 2.10 2018.08.31
- Add Reverse mode
Version 1.90 2018.08.30
- Fix minors bug
- Add delete pending time
- Stop Loss Check
- Add continuous spread control
Version 1.75 2018.08.27
- Add Auto Magic Number
- Add Enable Moving Average
- Add MaPoint
- Add Show Panel Traffic Light
Version 1.50 2018.08.24
- Add Close everything Out of hours
- Add Close Friday Night
- Add Enable Pyramid Stop
- Add Pyramid Stop
- Add Dark Hole Extra Speed (more speed, accuracy decreases)
Version 1.25 2018.08.22
- Add Help Information