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Parabolic SAR plus

Parabolic SAR plus is a simple indicator that lets you know when the Parabolic-Sar might turn its direction.

  • For long-term-trends activate an moving average and set a trend-value in these indicator
  • Notice comes via screen-alert, email and notification


  • MA, MA-Channel (high / low)


  • alert, push-notification, arrows, send email


  • Signal after close, no repaint, no cross-over signal
  • best Timeframes: H1
  • all Major-Forex-Pairs
  • Send custom email header

Important rule

  • Look for an instrument with an obvious upcoming movement in a clear direction on a higher timeframe.
  • Entry after an Arrow => waiting for the pull back or wait for a second higher / lower candle, plus / minus a few pips.
  • alternative Entry: the last point of the Parabolic-SAR
  • Exit example => after a trailing stop (take the distance between SL and Entry).
  • Exit example => major Fibonacci and dynamic support/resistance Lines. Use the same to move your stop and for taking first profits.
  • If the trade still runs, ignore further arrows, when trendfilter is active
  • SL below/above the second higher/lower candle.

Input parameters

  • Bars to process - the number of bars of the chart you want to be analyzed (60 to 1000 is recommended).
  • Alert - activates the pop-up alerts.
  • Alert - the chosen info will be in the header and the first line of an email, if Email is enabled.
  • Email - if true, it shows the selected info in header and the first line of the email.
  • Notification - if true, it sends the alert to the MT4 APP of your smartphone.
  • Arrow Style - choose a arrow style = thin, cross, normal, hollow, Thumbs, Triangle.
  • Arrow Position - default is 0.6. Nice to have if you compare settings with a second/third indicator.
    • Parabolic Sar Step - value for Step.
    • Parabolic Sar maximum - value for Maximum.
  • MA Filter - Value of the MA-filter
    • MA Shift - Value of the Shift for the MA-filter
    • MA Mode - mode for the MA-filter
    • MA Price long - price for the upwards direction of the MA-filter
    • MA Price short - price for the downwards direction of the MA-filter


  • I don't trade after over-size-candles
  • I only go for a clear trend on the higher timeframe
  • I stay out before high-impact news hit the market
  • Always on my mind, major Support and Resistance
  • No trade without money-management, please calculate your risk, trade smart
  • There is no guarantee of success as in any trading business / in my examples above
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