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Multi TF Linear Regression with smoothing

The indicator is constructed in the form of the channel on usual linear regression.

The feature to work at the senior timeframe and to smooth lines is added.

Smoothing works only at the current timeframe or at history.

Input parameters:
Work timeframe - the worker timeframe. Any, isn't less current.
Approximation period - the period of calculation of linear regression, the minimum value 2.
To use Close? (Else Hi - Low) - to use the closing prices for determination of width of the channel?
 If false, then is determined by the prices of High and Low.
Averaging period (0 - No use) - the averaging period. If 0 it isn't used.
  It is applied to all lines of the indicator. 
Averaging function - averaging function, standard options for Moving Average:
Simple - simple averaging (SMA), 
Exponential - exponential averaging (EMA),
Smoothed - smoothed averaging (SMMA),
Linear weighted - linear weighted averaging (LWMA)
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