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Break Impulse

The trade signal of EA Break Impulse is generated when price impulse of appropriate size breaches through defined SMA (moving average line). The RSI indicator is used to check the power and the range of price movement.

Either hard stop loss, take profit and trailing stop values can be used or volatility defined ones based on ATR indicator. In latter case multipliers for ATR values and the ATR period value must be entered.

Sizing option is available. If it is checked, the lot size is automatically calculated depending on a chosen risk and a stop loss value.

EA was tested on EURUSD pairs on M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 time frames. Every tick data with variable spread and modeling quality of 99.9 percent were used for testing.

The best input values for each pair and time frame will be uploaded in comments. Also, you can see some results in the screenshots below.


Trading rules variables

  • SMA_Period - period of simple moving average
  • K_pips - break impulse size in pips
  • RSI_Period - period of RSI indicator
  • RSI_limit_1 - lower limit of RSI indicator
  • RSI_limit_2 - upper limit of RSI indicator
Position sizing settings
  • Lots - fixed lot size, but if trigger IsSizingOn = true, Lots variable will be ignored
  • IsSizingOn - if true, lot size is received automatically depending on chosen risk and stop loss value
  • Risk - risk per trade (in percentage)
  • MaxPositionsAllowed - maximum positions allowed to be generated on the platform from different charts. So, total theoretical risk can be calculated: (Risk) * (MaxPositionsAllowed)

TP, SL and TS settings

  • StopLoss - enter static stop loss value if you do not use ATR settings
  • TakeProfit - enter static take profit value if you do not use ATR settings
  • TrailingStop - enter static trailing stop value if you do not use ATR settings
  • Use_ATR_Settings - if true, the robot uses ATR settings, if false, it uses static stop loss, take profit and trailing stop values
  • ATR_PERIOD - period of ATR indicator
  • K_SL - multiplier for stop loss value (1 unit is 1 ATR value)
  • K_TP - multiplier for take profit value (1 unit is 1 ATR value)
  • K_TS - multiplier for trailing stop value (1 unit is 1 ATR value)

EA general settings

  • MagicNumber - use different numbers for each pair and time frame if you are working on one trade platform
  • MaxSpread - max spread value. It is better below 3 pips (30 points)
  • Slippage - use 5-10 points for Forex pairs
  • OnJournaling - if true, places EA comments in the Journal tab

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