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Scalping Indicator Pro mt4

Scalping Indicator Pro is a powerful indicator that works in trend as well as non trending market conditions. This indicator is perfect for scalp trades as well as swing trades. Scalping Indicator Pro is not just an indicator, but a trading strategy itself. It doesn't requires any additional indicators for the trading setup.

Check out the indicator in action. [Video demonstration below]

Why use Scalping Indicator Pro?

  • Great for novice traders as well as experienced traders.
  • Low risk entries.
  • Doesn't repaints.
  • No additional Indicator is needed.
  • Its a trading strategy itself.
  • It is perfect for scalping and swing trades.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Works in both trending and non trending markets.
  • Popup Alerts, Push Notification and Email alerts.
  • Can be integrated in Expert Advisors.

How to trade with Scalping Indicator Pro?

If you are a visual learner,you can skip reading content below and watch the video demonstration.

When you deploy the indicator on the chart, you'll see two lines. Thick golden line is "Trend Line". Thin pink line is "Signal Line".

Trend line is used to determine the trend as well as used to enter the market. Signal line is used only to enter the market.

"Trend line or Golden line" is used to predict the trend of the market. When the golden line goes below lowerlevel (Level 20) and rises up, it means the market conditions are turning bullish. When the golden line goes above the upperlevel (Level 80) and falls, it means the market conditions are turning bearish. If the golden line is below level 20 and isn't rising above level 20, it means the market is bearish. If the golden line is above level 80 and isn't falling below level 80, it means the market is bullish.

"Signal line or Pink line" is to used only for entries. If the golden line is staying above level 80 (Bullish Market) and pink line goes below level 20 then it can be a potential time to enter the market and go long. If the golden line is staying below level 80(Bearish Market) and pink line goes above level 20 then it can be a potential time to enter the market and go short. Pink line or Signal line assists traders to ride the trend as well as help traders enter in market with tighter stop loss. You can place the stop-loss just few pips above or below the entry or the last highest high or lowest low.

Although no additional indicator is required, you can definitely combine other indicators with Scalping Indicator Pro to form your trading strategy.

Avoid trading during high-volatility/news events.It is highly rewarding to master this indicator. Practice and backtest your strategy before going live.

Good Luck!

Indicator Parameters

  • Slow Period = The period used to calculate EMA for "Trend Line".
  • Slow SIP  = The SIP calculation period for "Trend Line"
  • Fast Period =  The period used to calculate EMA for "Signal Line"
  • Fast SIP = The SIP calculation period for "Signal Line"
  • Upper Level = Level to be drawn in indicator window and used for popup/email/mobile alerts.
  • Lower Level = Level to be drawn in indicator window and used for popup/email/mobile alerts.
  • PopUp Alerts = Enable/Disable PopUp alerts when the trend changes or a new buy/sell signal appears.
  • Push Notification = Enable/Disable Push Notification when the trend changes or a new buy/sell signal appears.
  • Email Alerts = Enable/Disable email alerts when the trend changes or a new buy/sell signal appears.
  • Trend Line Alert Type - Customize the alert you want receive for the trend line. (NEW FEATURE- 2.1 UPDATE!)
  • Signal Line Alert Type - Customize the alert you want receive for the signal line. (NEW FEATURE- 2.1 UPDATE!)
34768trah 2019.10.29 06:58 


8601567 2019.10.20 23:02 

I have had this indicator for about 8 months now, and I have not had the opportunities the video describes. In the video you see very clear up and down 80/20 signals, but that has not been my experience. For current example, the GBP/USD Daily chart. The Trendline is resting on the very bottom below the 20 since approximately July 9th, 2019. On September 3rd, 2019 it created a second higher high. But, the Yellow/Trend line is still sitting on the bottom. It (Yellow/Trend line) did not break the 20 line until October 16th, 2019. At the time of this review it is making its third higher high and has not even crossed the 50. I try only to trade the higher time frames to weed out the noise. Maybe the indicator is not suited for higher time frames, I don't know. While I would argue the creator of this indicator is a very kind and friendly fellow, this indicator is not worth almost 200 dollars. It is too slow in telling me when to get into the trade after the third higher high.

evilxerof 2019.10.04 19:25 

Amit did a great work on developing this indicator. He is also very supportive.

AgeTrader 2019.09.28 04:33 

This is the only indicator on MQL5 that has paid for it self many times over. Anyone who puts a bit of effort into learning this indicator will be rewarded heavily.

The creator is really helpful and sets out exactly how to make money using the indicator.

Sio Fong Fok
Sio Fong Fok 2019.09.27 08:40 

its really great indicator in the world , thx

ifatedi 2019.09.16 14:29 

Nice Indicator , especially with Ninja Line !

Good Work !

ALkhalil 2019.09.13 19:25   

do I have to change the settings of this indicator .... is there any good settings ???

Rixxx 2019.09.06 09:05 

*** I just discovered a new easy scalping strategy with fixed TP and SL. No long and big Draw Downs! Contact me for more info. :-) ***

Don't use this Indicator as a stand alone. I never worked good for me. But I found a way to use it profitably now.

oosh oosh
oosh oosh 2019.08.28 21:45 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Quinten7 2019.08.28 09:57 

Excellent indicator. Using it for months and i´m in profit. Spent a lot of money on indis, so far SIP is the best. Downloaded so called alternative (322STOCH7wHTSTOCH2 Alert.mt4), compared it to SIP different time frames multiple pairs. Not too bad for a free indi but way too volatile, too many fake signals. Of Course, all oscillators look similar on superficial level. SIP is a great indi, but it is just that: an indicator, not a complete system. You still might need additional indis (i use currency strength for confirmation and support/resistance). Good money management, fundamental and technical analysis, reading news, sentiment and keep your emotions in check. Like every indi SIP is more reliable on higher tf. Had excellent results in h4 with same trend in d1 and entry timed in h1. Imho key is to respect ninja line. Thank you.

crimson 2019.08.20 15:27 

useless - this indicator is a scam. just another expression of bollinger bands. Don't waste your money.

Mahdi Yasin
Mahdi Yasin 2019.08.04 20:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Nicola Pileri
Nicola Pileri 2019.08.03 12:19 

Non buono per me

Natasha Diedericks
Natasha Diedericks 2019.08.03 09:15 

Guys, please ask for help before leaving these negative reviews.

I use Scalping indicator Pro in combination with other indicators. Truly a must have! Well done Amit! Tested for a week with great results. For the first time I can say that I purchased something great here on mql5. Thankful.

Clonebaba 2019.08.01 17:36 

I purchased this indicator about 3 days ago. I must say that this indicator is powerful. It would be misleading to say that it is 100% accurate as there is no such thing. However, if you have a trading plan and proper money management, this indicator will totally change the game positively for you. It really is a game changer for me and I would like to say kudos to Amit. He is very helpful and very responsive. I am glad that I bought this indicator.

super_linux 2019.07.29 15:26 

i lost my money with these shit indicator very bad i was try all time frame , 2 profits 6 losses

omg refund my money scammers , no thing new i just buy and sell with alert also 1D TF with 10 pips but sl how can open position with 1D with 10 pips tp and sl hit OMG lossers

these shit indicator - Stochastic and moving average dont buy it i swear u lose ur money even u try all TF :@

if the coders win with indicator or EA they will not sell it -.- :@

mobile163 2019.07.27 13:59 

very good indicator! I found only way that I can win! 非常好的指标,找到了盈利的固定模式~胜率很高 企鹅 2899973350

intan08 2019.07.27 12:07 

Why oh why didn't I buy this indicator at the get go, would've saved me from a lot of grief. This is the last indicator I'll buy, a genius product! And the author gives professional service providing us with exclusive add-ons, templates and awesome dashboard. Top marks all round for this fantastic product and service!

Adolfo Vidales Basurto
Adolfo Vidales Basurto 2019.07.25 06:13 

The principal problem is that definitely you need Extra indicator as like vertex-V4__1.mq4, if you dont have a risk management you can lose all you money using this indicator ALONE. Then NEVER use Alone this indicator Its very Dangerous. It looks like the indicator ift of RSI. I use this indicator with vertex v4, Vdub_BB and ift of RSI (alerts + arrows +fl´s) in M15. The BIG Yellow line of this indicator Scalping Indicator Pro Doesnt have the power trend as the author say in his description. I recommend pay for this product no more of 15USD. I´m sharing you Real Screen Shots about this indicator in comments.

UPDATE 22/08/2019:

This indicator "Scaping indicator Pro mt4" is just an edited version of the original indicator 322STOCH7wHTSTOCH2 Alert.mt4 you can download for FREE here in the part of comments.

swingerdeter 2019.07.22 15:44 

great indicator to analyse the trend and buy the the potential retracement. although the indi is named scalping indicator pro it is more accurate on the bigger timeframe like H4 and D1. The support is great and the creator is always here to help. all in all a great indicator.

Khalid Albarrak
Khalid Albarrak 2019.07.20 12:18 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Attachai01 2019.07.14 14:09 


Mladen Sopar
Mladen Sopar 2019.06.29 10:48 

This Indicator Was Totaly Changed My Look and Way of Trading...Successful Like newer Before...

Just Follow the Rules...

Thank You Amit on This Peace of Art :)

julioc19 2019.06.28 03:21 

This is the best investment I've made here, honestly I was kinda hesitating but man, glad i bought, it has helped me a lot to improve my profits.

TradeMaxFast 2019.06.17 22:23   

Just Bought It Today

Can I Have Your Discord Chat Group Link ?

Ikeham 2019.06.17 18:31   

hi, just bought it today.

pls help me to install it as i dont see any indicators getting downloaded after clicking the download button.


wael yousif ahmed yousif
wael yousif ahmed yousif 2019.06.13 19:57 

its not working for me please could you make another video show as more how to use this indicator with some tips or PDF manual to read how its work......Thanks

Still i am losing losing losing money i need some body show me how this indicator work need video tutorial please.

fxbeast19 2019.06.04 19:50 

Had indicator only for about 5 days now.... i trade 1M mostly, but i am using the 5/15M More now... Could not ask for anything more. Paid for itself the 1st day. This is a pip making machine

rafik_sg 2019.05.29 01:07 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Memon 2019.05.21 07:08 

Five stars for support as well as indicator

tomzfx 2019.05.21 01:09 

อินดิเคเตอร์ตัวแรกที่ตัดสินใจซื้อในตลาด Mql5

FxWatch888 2019.05.19 10:52 

Amazing indicator!

ilvichingo 2019.05.15 10:28 

Excellent work tool, good Amit

SimWil22 2019.05.14 19:09 

I highly recommend this indictor. Excellent!! First day that purchased 73 pips Thank you!!

King S
King S 2019.05.13 11:19 

Review 14-5-2019: this indicator is not a plug & trade. At the first time I only understood how this indicator works. But that's not enough. It takes extra time to find out how it works & the movements of this indicator. until finally I can make a profit from this indicator. Thank you, Amit.

Review 25-8-2019: Again I'm trying another indicator to asume will be more better than SIP. But damn, I just got realise my account grown just by SIP indicator & busted by another indicator. Sorry I'm not promoting this indicator, but in fact that I'm very satisfied with SIP & expecially with the community that help me out with every strugle that I had. For new bie, just be patient & still learn what you doing in trading. As I said before trading is not money machine if you didn't know how to seek it. Thanks Amit

juliel 2019.05.01 17:02 

Amazing Indi, can use it to scalp, day trade or hold for longer periods, combine with good r/r, trade management, s/r etc and this Indi gives confidence to enter the market on dips and with uptrend and vice versa. Awesome indicator Thank you Amit for a great Indi.

Csaba 2019.04.30 13:43 

Very good product.

This is the by far the best indicator i ever bought and used!

condarillo 2019.04.29 14:14 

The best indicator you will find on the market, but thats not the most important . The most important is the support you get ! How to Describe it in 1 word. (AMAZING!!!!)

paul80 2019.04.26 00:48 

A must have for serious trader!

JitsuOne 2019.04.15 23:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Shannon O'Donnell
Shannon O'Donnell 2019.04.13 23:21 

Great indicator. High success rate scalping the 1 minute within the 15 minute bias. (personal preference). Same principle works on larger time-frames. I removed several other paid/custom indicators from my mt4. With basic market knowledge, price action and time honing your skills, this indicator provides the key to making many a free-man. Cheers.

vollmerama 2019.04.10 21:53 

Hi everybody, about an hour ago i bought this indicator and guess what i made 4 winning trades!!!! I remember when the indicator was newely introduced to the market and i immediately thought this indicator is amazing, but i didnt want to buy because i thought the Price was to high. But now i regret that i didnt buy much earlier. Well anyway i think this really is the real deal. Excellent work Amit!!!

mrkaib 2019.04.09 16:25 


Yongtao Jiang
Yongtao Jiang 2019.04.09 15:36 


Varonos 2019.03.26 23:48 

WOW . really . Thank you Amit ! the best really. so good . A must !

pbmcgo 2019.03.20 14:55 

Excellent Indicator to be used for your own trading style and with other indicators.

This is a must indicator to have! Takes away my insecurity during trading. I highly recommend this indictor.

Support of Amit is outstanding. Very helpful and always ready if I have any questions.

Thank you, Amit!

Edit: 05/10/2019

I still havent found a way to use this indicator profitably.

Nguyen Trung Tuan
Nguyen Trung Tuan 2019.03.19 01:57 

Good indicators, easy to use it, :)!

pete080368 2019.03.17 20:28 

Great scalping tool, together with a proper usage of the MTF version of it plus dashboard unbeatable. Thanks Amit!

The price? I needed four hours on three currency pairs to earn the money....

Claudio Lasso
Claudio Lasso 2019.03.16 20:29 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

trader1961 2019.03.15 02:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

gkb 2019.03.13 20:30 

Excellent customer service. There is no five star feedback request, no sign up / send email request like other number one sellers. Got all my reply + trading tips to my queries. Keep it up and continue with more future improvements. Thanks

yuyangjian 2019.03.09 03:58 

I am a newbie, which indicator is better at which period

rainwalker123 2019.03.04 09:32 

So ein Hammerprodukt. Hätte ich bei MQL5 nie für möglich gehalten.

Very good product. Higly recommendet also for beginners.

iura7 2019.03.04 01:26 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

carlo734 2019.03.01 23:31 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

nakayui818 2019.03.01 05:43 

very powerful,I love it.

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2019.02.28 14:11 

Wow - if you have a bit of experience reading charts and you follow the trend, this indicator hits the mark every time.

mrea59 2019.02.26 02:23 


Just wanted to say a big thank you to Amit for this indicator and for his support. I have bought lots of indicators on here and this by far is the best by a long long way. Its incredibly accurate and if you demo with it so that you can used to the trend line & signals it will pay rewards. I have sent Amit lots of messages and he has promptly responded and helped me immensely - I have not experienced support like this before. I will be going live next week just want to build up my confidence a bit more - I just wish that my demo trades had been real. Thank you very much.

Andreas Gebetsberger
Andreas Gebetsberger 2019.02.21 02:10 

Well, this is the by far the best indicator i ever bought and used! The accuracy from this tool and the support from Amit is outstanding! An easy to use tool from a very experienced trader! Thank you and keep up the great work!

DTChrisLP 2019.02.19 15:19 

Great Indicator and great support from Amit!

Leonid007 2019.02.19 13:18 

Very best indicator.

sunnychow 2019.02.11 17:04 

Good work, it works reliably. I like it.

AndyKUK 2019.02.10 17:42 

I cant speak highly enough of Amit. He's always on hand to answer questions and give guidance. After testing this indicator I am very confident it will be a huge asset to my trading. Very happy I have found this indicator!

anjane201 2019.01.24 08:17 

Just about works on anything, also the support provided is so helpful thank you so much Amit !!

alexsxs72 2019.01.07 13:07 


Madlyn Brinkman
Madlyn Brinkman 2019.01.07 12:52 




here is my another running trade- https://pasteboard.co/HVD5YC6.png

i should probably book my profits LOL

just love this indicator ❤


Doubled my account.

I am using h4 for trend direction and m15 now to trade. Its perfect!

Rajveer Mehta
Rajveer Mehta 2019.01.07 12:44 

This indicator is good for professionals as well as newbies. The seller is very cooperative. Thank you for this indicator. It is one of the best indicators among all. Identifying ranging market is very important before we make trades. I'd advise staying away from trading during news events. There isn't a single indicator that will work during the news. Very simple to use! If the trend line is up, look for only buy entries! If the trend line is down, look for only sell entries.

Joseph P
Joseph P 2019.01.07 12:32 


This is literally the best indicator out there. I am glad I grabbed it early.

Excellent indicator by a real and honest trader. This man knows the fundamentals and his technicals in detail. I am very impressed by his knowledge and honesty.

He never seems to market his indicator. There's a reason why this indicator got so popular in such a short time.

Here are some of his best words that helped me turn into a profitable trader.

"This indicator helps you detect oversold areas in the bullish market and overbought areas in the bearish market. But remember, the market can be oversold or overbought for a long time. So enter only on confirmation (That is signal line crossing down 80 in the bearish market or crossing up 20 in the bullish market".

"Bigger time-frames dictates the direction of the trend. Smaller time-frames form pull-backs and reversals. These two sound like the same sentences but are actually very different."

"The first pull-down after the trend change has the highest probability of winning with a good risk-reward ratio."

"My indicator isn't a magical tool. It is still based on past price and past volume. Its based on maths and statistics. My indicator does give you a slight edge, but if you are not keeping tabs on news and fundamentals, you might lose money. Because some extreme price movements can't be detected by any indicators. If it does, it's by pure luck."

"Trading is simple, but not easy. You are competing against the smartest, evilest, ruthless, strongest and the fastest people on earth. So don't expect it to be easy. Get every edge you can!"

"Emotional stability matters. You don't have to be a psychopath, but you shouldn't be freaking out if the market goes against you. If that's happening, you are probably risking more than you can afford to!"

"Never trade against the golden line. Trying to catch the falling knives will make you bleed heavy. "

I am so glad, I talked to Amit. Helped me correct myself and trade better.

Thank you so much again.

vincarter82 2019.01.07 12:26 


Roshan Dubey
Roshan Dubey 2019.01.07 12:20 

With good risk management, this can make you rich!

Max Victor
Max Victor 2019.01.07 12:12 

WOW. Very powerful indicator.

I am loving it so far. Can we have this for mt5 too, please?

Version 3.12 2019.04.26
Minor update
-Fixed typo in description
-fixed minor bug related to levels.
Version 3.1 2019.03.16
Major bug fixed.
-Fixed bug with signal line.
Version 2.3 2019.02.24
-Optimized Code
-Fixed minor bugs and typo.
-Shorter text in alerts and notifications,
-Fixed Slow Alerts
Version 2.2 2019.01.17
-Minor fix
-typo fix
Version 2.1 2019.01.16
2.0 NEW FEATURE - Advance Customizable Alerts
-Added "Trend Line Alert Type" Parameter.
-Added "Signal Line Alert Type" Parameter