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Alps Multi timeframes trend and momentum indicator

ALPS is a multi timeframes trend and momentum indicator that lets your profits run.

It combines Gator Oscillator, ADX and RSI over multi timeframes in an innovative way.

You can trade with full confidence on a rapid timeframe chart with insight and benefits of trend and momentum over a larger timeframe.

To keep the chart clear and comprehensible, you can toggle any timeframe ON/OFF instantly at any time point.

Different color trend bars mark slow, normal or strong trend based on ADX.

Overbought or oversold based on RSI is highlighted on momentum line.

Ranging or slow trends can be easily identified.

Last but not least, this indicator enables you to better use your screen area to trade more currency pairs at a time.


    Applied price (PRICE_CLOSE)
  • TF1
    1st timeframe (PERIOD_M1)
    Chart will be set to this smallest timeframe
  • TF2
    2nd timeframe (PERIOD_M2)
  • TF3
    3rd timeframe (PERIOD_M5)
  • TF4
    4th timeframe (PERIOD_M15)
  • GatorJawPeriod
    Alligator Jaw period (13)
  • GatorTeethPeriod
    Alligator Teeth period (8)
  • GatorLipsPeriod
    Alligator Lips period (5)
  • GatorMode
    Alligator method (MODE_SMMA)
  • AdxPeriod
    ADX period (14)
  • AdxLow
    ADX Weak Trend level (25)
  • AdxHigh
    ADX Strong Trend level (50)
  • RsiPeriod
    RSI period (13)
  • RsiLow
    RSI Oversold level (33)
  • RsiHigh
    RSI Overbought level (66)

The pips value displayed is the difference of maximum and minimum prices of the current chart.

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