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VSAs Candle Color Signal

The indicator paints the candlesticks in colors of volumes depending on the market situation. Along with candlestick coloring, you will receive alerts in the form of a regular alert.

  • Red candles indicate the end or beginning of a downtrend or the end of a correction during an uptrend.
  • Green candles mean the beginning or end of an uptrend or the end of a correction during a downtrend.
  • Yellow candles represent the lack of interest on the market and a possible beginning of a flat.
  • Blue ones have an above-average volume and a below-average candle size, which is typical for the end of the trend or for strong support/resistance levels. They are also called "squat" bars.
  • Purple candles indicate a rapidly increasing volume and size. They occur when the flat boundaries are tested, albeit rarely.
  • Yellow dots above a candle High means that its volume is lower than that of the previous one, while a blue dot under a Low indicates a volume lower than the previous one.
  • Gray areas marks the zones where the volumes are below the average, defined by the 'MAPeriod' parameter.


  • LookBack - the number of bars to compare.
  • Trending - additional analysis.
  • Number Of Bars - the number of bars for calculation. If 0, all bars in history.
  • MA Period - period for calculation of the average volume.

Color Settings - bar coloring.

Alert Settings

  • Alert on color - alerts for color change.

List of possible alerts (Alert on color – ON)

  • MA Cross UP Alert - alert if the UP volume is higher than the average value defined by the 'MA Period' parameter. Does not depend on 'Alert on color'.
  • Pop-Up Alert - alert in a pop-up dialog box.
  • Push Notification Alert - push notification.
  • Email Alert - Email notification.
  • Sound Alert - sound only (Alert on color - OFF).
  • Sound File - name of the sound file.
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