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Argo 1 2 3

This indicator is intended for identifying the most frequently seen pattern on a price chart - the 1-2-3 pattern. This pattern is displayed in the chart only after it was fully formed, i.e. when the price has broken point #2. It features notifications using alerts or simply using a sound signal. When the price breaks the pivot formed by the indicator, you can hear the signal sound and see the relevant marking made. In addition to the pattern, the indicator displays the pivot and target levels of the expected price movement. Please note that target levels are calculated as Fibonacci Expansion. They can be modified in the settings. The indicator plots points based on the ZigZag calculated using Murphy's algorithm, which is why ZZ settings contain only the TF (time frame) from which the data is obtained.

Main Settings:

  • TF - time frame.
  • ExtMaxBar - Number of bars for calculations (0-all bars).
  • ColorZZ - ZigZag line color. By default - CLR_NONE.
  • StyleZZ - ZigZag line style.
  • WidthZZ - ZigZag line width.
  • Target_level_1 - First target level.
  • Target_level_2 - Second target level.
  • Target_level_3 - Third target level.
  • WidthArrow - Point size.
  • upArrow - Color of Up points.
  • dnArrow -  Color of Dn points.
  • RetraceDepthMin - Min for determining point #3.
  • RetraceDepthMax - Max for determining point #3.
  • Both parameters are calculated based on Fibo from points #1-2.
  • DellArrow - if 'false', the indicator draws all patterns and breakout points over the calculation area; if 'true', only the last ones are drawn.
  • alertsOn - alert on/off.
  • alertsSound - sound on/off upon breaking the pivot.
  • Sound - name of the sound file to be used if alertsSound= true.
2017.07.26 15:23 

very good! thanks a lot

2016.09.28 13:55 

very good indicator. Displays reliable 1, 2, 3 zones short or long on. Protects against loss. This indicator should have any. Great programming power! I use it in M1 and M5 with the setting: TF 15 and use it in M15 with the setting TF: 60th. In H1 I use TF 240. Greetings from Germany .... :-)))

2015.11.25 16:43 

good indicator