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Moving Average Proximity Alert Multiple Pairs

Moving Average Proximity Alert Multiple Pairs is a 16 pairs multi-timeframe indicator which can trigger the alarm when the price approaches the moving average (MA) alert zone. It can scan one moving average on 16 currency pairs per chart.


  • Get alerts on screen, email, push notifications (mobile).
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • Displays the price (Bid) distance to moving average in points.
  • Displays which alert is On.

How it works

As the price touches the moving average ’alert zone’, the indicator sound the alarm. In order to sound the alarm again, the price must leave the ’no alert zone’ first and touch the moving average ’alert zone’ again.

You can place the indicator on one chart and receive a moving average proximity alert from 16 pairs. If you want to scan multiple timeframes and moving averages, (for example: H1 50EMA / M15 200MA / Monthly 50 SMA.) you can place the indicator on different charts one by one.

This indicator is very useful if your strategy is joining to a moving average. For example one of my strategy is a trend based strategy, when the price retraces to a moving average and bounces back to the trend direction. In this way I don't have to keep watching my charts all day and I can get alert from 16 currencies from a single chart. If you are a long term trader, you can set up the indicator on a VPN, and can get alert on your mobile or in email.


  • alert: Sound Alert. Set to True if you would like to receive.
  • send_push_notification: Alert on your mobile phone. Set to True if you would like to receive. In order to receive, you must set the parameters in the Terminal/Tools/Options/Notifications tab first.
  • send_mail: Alert in email message. Set to True if you would like to receive. In order to receive, you must set the parameters in the Terminal/Tools/Options/Email tab first.
  • range: Moving Average alert proximity setting in points (0,1Pips). I don’t recommend to set it 0 or low value, because sometimes the price jumps over the moving average.
  • range_no_alert: Moving Average ’no alert range’ setting in points (0,1Pips). If you set it low, you will receive alarm frequently.
  • ma_timeframe:Timeframe of the moving average. It can be different than the timeframe of the chart.
  • ma_period: Period of the moving average.
  • ma_shift: Shift of the moving average. Default is 0.
  • ma_method: Default is EMA (SMA=0, EMA=1, SMMA=2, LWMA=3).
  • applied_price: Default is Close price.
  • FontColor: Color of the currencies.
  • FontColor: Color of the main texts.
  • Backcolor: Color of the background.
  • FontSize: Size of the font.
  • FontType: Type of the font.
  • FontType1: Type of the main label font.
  • dist_x: Horizontal distance from the upper left corner of the chart in pixels.
  • dist_y: Vertical distance from the upper left corner of the chart in pixels.

Please let me know about the features you like & I 'll add them in the next version.

Best Regards,

Krisztian Kunzer

PhethileP 2019.10.27 18:18   

its a good indicator, i rented it. but i need it in MT5. please develop one for MT5

s12262001 2019.10.07 21:51   

I bought it, but can it help me add a feature? For example, you can choose the currency you want to use, thank you.

geza87 2019.03.27 11:24 

It's overall a very good indicator. Exactly what I needed. I can mention only one thing: I trade intraday charts, aprox 5-6 what i am watching. Can you add a feature with which i can turn off/on some currency pairs. I would really appreciate it :)