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R747 BreakLevels

R747 BreakLevels is smart indicator that automatically detects Support and Resistance levels on actual market trend. Strength of levels can be easily adjusted by changing parameter LevelsStrength in range of 2 (weak levels) and 50 (strong levels).

This indicator can also send Push notifications and Alerts of newly found levels.


  • Adjustable strength of levels
  • Multitimeframe
  • Any type of trading instrument
  • Alerts
  • Push notifications
  • Adjustable colors


  • LevelsStrength: Strength of levels
  • DrawLevels: Enable/Disable painting level lines
  • ResistanceColor: Color of resistance level
  • SupportColor: Color of support level
  • ShowInfo: Enable/Disable text info of level prices
  • TextColor: Color of text
  • EnableAletrs: Enable/Disable Alerts
  • EnablePushNotify: Enable/Disable Push notifications
dcherry 2018.09.06 05:16