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LuckyPip Daily Range

LuckyPip Daily Range indicator provides daily range levels automatically.

Red lines are extreme levels for daily movement. Yellow lines are calculated from daily average movement.

You may use it for Breakout Strategy and Canal Strategy.

  • Upper Red Line: Extreme resistance level
  • Upper Yellow Line: Normal resistance level
  • Lower Yellow Line: Normal support level
  • Lower Red Line: Extreme support level

Key Features

  • No repaint!
  • Easy resistance and support levels detection.
  • Daily range levels are automatically drawn.
  • Available for all timeframes.
  • Never recalculates.
  • No dependence from the chart timeframe. It shows same results in any timeframe.
  • You may use this indicator for all instruments.
  • Suitable for scalpers, swing traders, day traders, short term and long term traders.
  • It is a supporting tool for level trading strategies.
  • No inputs.

For EA Developers

         double Extreme_Resistance_Level = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"LuckyPip Daily Range",0,0); 
         double Normal_Resistance_Level = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"LuckyPip Daily Range",1,0); 
         double Normal_Support_Level = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"LuckyPip Daily Range",2,0); 
         double Extreme_Support_Level = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"LuckyPip Daily Range",3,0); 
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