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This Expert Advisor uses triangular arbitrage as trading system. This trading system is used by leading banks worldwide. Market inefficiency is exploited in order to make profits, as there is no speculation, but trading is based on facts.


  • An ECN-Broker
  • For fast order execution, a VPS with lowest latency is required
  • A minimum capital of 200 USD

Input setting

  • EXPERT_MAGIC(ulong) Value to uniquely identify the expert advisor
  • Entry(double) Entry value
  • Exit(double) Exit value
  • ProfitThreshold(double) Profit threshold value
  • Lot(double) Lot value
  • LotPercent(bool) If true: lot will be calculated by the expert advisor
  • Percent(double) Percent value if LotPercent is true
  • Symbol1(string) First symbol of the triangle
  • Symbol2(string) Second symbol of the triangle
  • Symbol3(string) Third symbol of the triangle

How to set the symbols

You must first select three currencies you wish to trade and then three currency pairs containing only these currencies.


I want to trade with EUR,USD and GBP and this would be the currency pairs: EURUSD,EURGBP,GBPUSD

athbii 2018.11.09 21:20 

does not work ,,

It's not as it was in the test,

And not open deals only in the three days, only one deal,

And you lose this deal, very bad .

Tehno84 2018.11.08 10:02 

Я запускал советника не нескольких брокерах, включая рекомендуемые автором, и нигде не удалось получить прибыли. Результаты реальной торговли полностью отличаются от результатов бэктеста.

mrrobert024 2018.09.04 20:54 

This product seemed to work good until I used the real ticks for backtesting - I can not get to profit in any which way.... If you live in America there will be no brokers that will work on. Seller tried to help but all in all i lost well over 300 plus the cost of this bot........ I am more than willing to change my review upon being given actual setting that can turn a profit - buyers beware.....

I tried every single broker that i can possible try for well over 2 weeks

Version 2.0 2018.08.16
- IOC is now available
- Because of the IOC it can also be decided how high the slippage should be
- If the FOK mode is running, it is indicated whether the EA has tried to send an order