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AQ RiskOptimizer MT5

Risk Optimizer is the absolute solution for applying risk management on your account. Bad risk management is the main reason that causes traders to lose money.

Risk Optimizer calculates and suggests the correct lot size for each position according to your personal, customized risk profile. You can give directly your preferred risk as percentage (%) for each position or you can trust our algorithms to calculate and optimize according to your risk category selection.

But it is not only that! Select Stop Loss as a price level or trust our machine learning algorithms that calculate Stop Loss for you, depending on market volatility or market support/resistance levels.

Similarly, set Take Profit as a price level or let Risk Optimizer calculate it according to your Risk/Reward ratio selection.

As long as you have decided on the direction of your position, the lot size, Stop Loss and Take profit, Risk Optimizer opens the position only if you press the Execute button. Save time and be accurate!

Risk Optimizer shows on a textbox all the opened positions of your account and indicates your current risk by warning you with a specific message.

Success probability at the bottom right of the panel indicates the quantified probability for the position that you want to open.

Selections from the panel

  • PositionType – BUY or SELL.
  • RiskProfile – LOW_RISK, MEDIUM_RISK, HIGH_RISK or MANUAL_RISK. For the first three selections, Risk Optimizer decides the appropriate lot size according to your account balance and the selected Risk Profile.
  • RiskPercent – if the above selection (RiskProfile) is MANUAL_RISK, set here the percentage (%) of your capital to be risked for the position.
  • StopLossSelection – PRICE_SL, VOLATILITY or SUPPORT_RESISTANCE. For VOLATILITY selection, Risk Optimizer calculates Stop Loss based on machine learning techniques that measure and predict market volatility. For SUPPORT_RESISTANCE selection, Risk Optimizer calculates Stop Loss based on our proprietary Supports/Resistance indicator.
  • StopLossLevel – if the above selection (StopLossSelection) is PRICE_SL, set here the price for your selected Stop Loss level.
  • TakeProfitSelection – PRICE_TP or RISK_REWARD_RATIO. For RISK_REWARD_RATIO selection, Take Profit will be calculated according to the Risk Reward ratio that you will provide.
  • RiskRewardRatio – Risk Reward ratio (e.g. 1:2 means that Stop Loss will be half of the Take Profit) if you have selected RISK_REWARD_RATIO for TakeProfitSelection parameter.
  • TakeProfitLevel – if your selection at TakeProfitSelection parameter is PRICE_TP, set here the price for your selected Take Profit level.


  • MagicNumber – unique number allowing you to distinguish positions opened from Risk Optimizer. Use any number you like, up to 9 digits.

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.14 07:59 

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Version 1.2 2019.03.13
- New feature which calculates the success probability
Version 1.1 2018.08.01
- fix alphabetical error