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Information panel for traders

This utility displays the information required for making trades on each opened chart. For example: spread value, swap value; triple swap day; session closing time; ATR of the symbol by Gerchik; total profit/loss for the current symbol; the number of trades made earlier; the percentage change in the quotes of 6 selected instruments; and much more.

The spread value is always shown. The rest of the information is displayed depending on the settings:

  • Show total orders at the moment (long, short). If the broker provides such information, the utility shows the volume of long and short trades for the current day.
  • Show minimum stop: points (currency). Show the minimum stop distance (in points and in the profit currency) from the current price. For example, if the minimum stop is 5 cents, while the current price is $10, then you will not be able to set stop loss at $9.97, only at $9.94.
  • Show margin: in long, in shorts. Show the margin required to buy a minimum lot.
  • Display swap information: long - short - triple swap day. Show information about the swap (the amount to be paid for the position rollover) both for long and for short positions. It also shows the day of the triple swap for this instrument.
  • Display: session closing time (left until) - period. Display the trading closure time for the instrument, as well as the time left until the closure. If a timeframe smaller than daily is currently selected on the chart, then the utility also shows the number of minutes left until a new bar opens.
  • Apply the template we.tpl to the graphs. If enabled, a template with the name 'my' will be automatically applied to each opened chart.
  • Please note that before enabling this function, it is necessary to create the 'my' template. To do this, use the Templates/Save template… item of the chart's context menu.
  • The templates save the indicators, the selected scale, the chart type and other information, including the EA currently running on the chart. For this reason, do not create a template on a chart where this EA is running. Otherwise, when opening every new chart window, it will also launch this EA.
  • Show the bar panel of the new bar on the chart of the Expert Advisor. Show additional panel with information on new bar times for different timeframes on the chart where the EA is running. If any of the timeframes on the panel is ticked, then a sound signal will be played a minute before a new bar on the selected timeframe. You can quickly tick/untick a timeframe by pressing a corresponding number on the keyboard. For example, 1 - for M15, 2 - for M30, etc.
  • Notify about the completion of the order (both the take and the stop loss). Use a sound notification about reaching a take profit or stop loss level of current deals.
  • Display ATR for the given number of days (0 - no). Show the daily ATR of the instrument according to Gerchik. That is, without consideration of abnormally large or small bars.
  • Show bars on the chart for the specified number of days. Show a vertical line on the bar, separating the selected number of days. For example, with this setting you can visualize where the bars for the last 3 days end on the chart.
  • Show general direction on the specified symbols (D1, H4). Display the percentage change of quotes of 6 selected instruments for the day and for the last hour. This allows you to easily assess the overall market situation.
  • Show profitability of trades: currency (qty). Display the statistics on the deals previously made on the instrument: the amount of profit or loss, the total number of deals, the number of profitable and unprofitable deals.

Simply attach the EA to one of th charts, and the selected information will be displayed on each chart. In this case, the display type depends on the value selected in the drop-down list The way information is displayed. You can display the information either in the chart comment (in the upper left corner) or in a separate panel in one of the four chart corners.

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