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Trading panel with risk management

Robust trading panel for use on any symbol (including RangeBars or Renko custom symbols). The tool can be placed anywhere on the chart and offers the following array of features:

  • One-click instant order entry.
  • Pending order entry using horizontal lines on the chart
  • Pending order entry using keys in Entry price (E/P) and optional Stop Loss (S/L) and/or Take Profit (T/P)
  • A choice between fixed trading volume or risk-based volume calculation based on the available account equity, entry price, and the stop loss level
  • Optional confirmation of risk-based calculated volume before placing a trade
  • S/L and T/P levels can be entered in Pips or as Price levels
  • Modification of positions and orders using horizontal lines on the chart
  • Instant "Close All" positions button with optional confirmation (only the positions on a particular symbol)
  • Close or Delete selected positions and orders via the [X] button displayed on the open price level
  • Display of position and order levels on custom symbol charts such as Renko or RangeBars
  • Optional confirmations for instant or pending buy/sell operations as well as for the Close and Delete commands

The panel's settings include:

  • Confirmations: (Whenever a confirmation is set to "True", a message box will be displayed asking the user to confirm or abort the operation.)
    • Confirm close command (True/False)
    • Confirm close all command (True/False)
    • Confirm delete command (True/False)
    • Confirm market order entry (True/False)
    • Confirm pending order entry (True/False)
    • Confirm risk-based volume calculation
  • Trade Settings:
    • Trade using the symbol (Default value uses the symbol from the chart) - This setting is used for trading on custom symbol charts such as Renko or RangeBars
    • Deviation points (maximum permissible deviation from the desired entry price in points)
    • Max. number of retries - the maximum number of retries on requotes and server busy error messages when placing trades
    • Retry after busy [ms] - number of milliseconds to wait before retrying to place a trade after the following errors from the server
      • Request rejected
      • Request processing error
      • Request canceled by timeout
      • No quotes to process the request
      • Too frequent requests
    • Retry after requote [ms] - number of milliseconds to wait before retrying to place a trade after REQUOTE from the server

Custom symbol charts of Renko and RangeBars that the panel is 100% compatible with can be obtained from the MQL5 Market:

Renko: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29005

RangeBars: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/28956

Tick charts: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29215

Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes 2018.09.15 01:02 

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Version 1.6 2019.07.14
Bugfix or certain symbols.
Version 1.5 2019.06.10
Added option to select parameter used in risk-based volume calculation (Free Margin, Account Equity, Account Balance)
Version 1.4 2018.07.24
Bug fixes