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R747 BreakOut EA MT5

R747 BreakOut EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that analyzes the market trend and moves orders to breakeven. It contains a smart algorithm to determine the support and resistance levels based on the latest market trend and breakouts of these levels. This trend is calculated for a period that can be easily modified by user.

This EA is fully customizable by user. For safer trading, it includes slippage protection as well as protection during high spreads on the market.

It does not use martingale, hedging or any other dangerous strategies.

This EA is designed for multicurrency trading, best performing on the H1 timeframe.

Initial settings are used for EURUSD H1.


  • Use True ECN broker with a low spread and a low-latency VPS server
  • Use EURUSD H1 for trading with this EA
  • Avoid brokers with low market liquidity to avoid high slippage
  • Use minimal deposit of 100 USD
  • Adapt risk settings according to account equity and always verify with backtest


  • Magic: Unique magic number to identify orders
  • BiasPipsBuy: Adjust buy pending orders in pips
  • BiasPipsSell: Adjust sell pending orders in pips
  • PastBars: Number of bars used to determine levels
  • TotalPastBars: Number of bars used for computation
  • UseAutolot: Enable/Disable automatic lot adjustment
  • Risk: If UseAutolot enabled set risk in % to calculate lot size
  • FixedLotSize: If UseAutolot disabled set fixed lot size
  • MinLot: If UseAutolot enabled set min lot size
  • MaxLot: If UseAutolot enabled set max lot size
  • MinAccountEquity: Set minimal account equity in your currency. If reached this equity, EA will stop
  • SlippageProtect: Enable/Disable slippage protection
  • Slippage: Slippage in pips if SlippageProtect enabled
  • MaxSpread: Maximum allowed spread for trading
  • TakeProfit: Take profit in pips
  • StopLoss: Stop loss in pips
  • UseBreakEven: Enable/Disable breakeven function
  • BreakEven: Breakeven in pips
  • LockInPips: Lock stop loss in pips
  • UseTrailingStop: Enable/Disable trailing stop loss function
  • TrailingStop: Trailing stop in pips
  • TrailingStep: Trailing step in pips
  • OpenMonCloseFri: Enable/Disable closing orders during weekend
  • UseTimeManagement: Enable/Disable daily time orders opening and closing
  • UseDayManagement: Enable/Disable trading on selected days
  • TradeMonday: Enable/Disable trading on Monday
  • TradeTuesday: Enable/Disable trading on Tuesday
  • TradeWednesday: Enable/Disable trading on Wednesday
  • TradeThursday: Enable/Disable trading on Thursday
  • TradeFriday: Enable/Disable trading on Friday
  • CloseHour: Hour to close orders if used any kind of time management
  • CloseMinute: Minutes to close orders if used any kind of time management
  • OpenHour: Hour to open orders if used any kind of time management
  • OpenMinute: Minutes to open orders if used any kind of time management
  • AvoidTradingHours: Comma separated hours during that EA is stopped
lightworker 2018.11.11 08:09 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Konstantinum 2018.10.08 17:55 

Low profits, high losses. Use it from 11 Sept 2018, now it's minus 17% from the deposit. Another .SETs from forward and optimisation tests doesn't works too.

So, not recommended. If he starts to make a regular profit, I will change the rating.

P.S. I think that this robot incorrectly determines the levels


Советник не работает должным образом. Использую его с 11 сентября 2018, сейчас на депозите минус 17%.

Сомнение вызывает сама система торговли.

Положительные сделки приносят очень мало профита, отрицательные приносят большие потери. Такие, что перекрывают 6-8 положительных сделок. Не комильфо.

Оптимизация с форвардом тоже не возымели успеха. Он по-прежнему просаживает депозит.

Был период когда он за неделю вышел в плюс 10%, но потом слил всё буквально за пару дней.

В итоге бот либо работает в ноль, либо в минус. Пара плохих сделок подряд - и депозит уходит в жёсткий убыток.

Очень жаль, потому что тесты на истории показывали хорошие результаты. Может сейчас период такой, не исключаю. На тесте видно, что такие периоды и месяцы есть. Но мне особо всё равно, так как интересует именно стабильный профит в месяц. Оставлю этого бота чисто ради интереса, но буду искать замену.

Рекомендовать его к покупке на данный момент не могу.

И да, считаю, что он неправильно определяет уровни, по которым торгует.

anton99r 2018.09.12 18:01 

Backtest seems promising with low drawdowns and high returns but EA doesn't work very well in current market conditions and has only lost me money on live account

Marcus Nyman
Marcus Nyman 2018.09.08 10:04 

Seems it was not so stable after all

محمد الرشيدي
محمد الرشيدي 2018.09.03 20:33 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.61 2018.10.15
- Added BUY/SELL orders selection
- Added GMT offset
Version 1.57 2018.08.28
- Updated Time management functions.
- Few minor improvements and checks added
Version 1.55 2018.08.23
- Added user input to place order comment
- Code safety checks added