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AFX Qsignal

AFX Qsignal is a indicator for scalping and intraday trading built for MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • AFX Qsignal issues the high probability Pending and Instant signals.


  1. Works on any timeframes and any pairs for scalping and intraday trading.
  2. Recommended Timeframes: M5, M15, M30 but please try it on other timeframes, too and see the results.
  3. Working with 4 and 5-digits brokers.
  4. The ability to combine with other strategies.
  5. No repainting.
  6. No recalculating.
  7. User-friendly.
  8. Only High quality signals
  9. Free support and updates


  • Custom_Text1 - Custom text for Instant Buy Alert.
  • Custom_Text2 - Custom text for Instant Sell Alert.
  • InstantBuycolor - color of instant buy arrows.
  • InstantSellcolor - color of instant sell arrows.
  • InstantWidth - width of the arrows.
  • InstantDis - Distance of arrows to the candles.
  • Custom_Text3 - Custom text for Pending Buy Alert.
  • Custom_Text4 - Custom text for Pending Sell Alert.
  • PendingBuycolor - color of pending buy price labels.
  • PendingSellcolor - color of pending sell price labels.
  • PendingWidth - width of the price labels.
  • PendingAlerts - sound/message alert for the pending signals.
  • PendingEmail_Alerts - send an email when the pending signals are issued.
  • InstantAlerts - sound/message alert for the instant signals.
  • InstantEmail_Alerts - send an email when the Instant signals are issued

HOW it works

  • Whenever the conditions are met, the indicator will issues Pending signal, displayed as price label. Then, as soon as the price breaks out it, the indicator will issues Instant signal, displayed as arrow.
  • Note: Please use Qsignal indicator in active market hours.
  • Note: Instant signals appears on the current price as soon as the price breaks out the pending signal.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, If you have any questions.



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