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ATR Arrows MTF Demo

The ATR Arrows MTF Demo indicator is built based on the Average True Range (ATR). It is a demo version of ATR Arrows MTF  . Alerts one bar after the signal bar the bar on which the signal was formed. It represents signals to the input in the form of arrows. All signals are generated at the current bar.

Signals are not redrawn! It is very easy to use both for trading based on one indicator and for use in your trading systems. The indicator timeframe can be set independently of the main window, so you can combine several indicators in one window.


  • TimeFrame - The period for calculating the data.
  • ATRPeriod - Period Average True Range.
  • Volatil - The value of the smoothing calculation.
  • ModeCalculation - Select the calculation method.
  • KoefSmoothed - Smoothing factor.
  • ArrowUP - Color Arrow.
  • ArrowDN - Color Arrow.
  • ArrowGap - Indent from the price to display the arrows.
  • CodUP - Type of displayed arrows.
  • CodDN - The type of arrows displayed.
  • ArrowSize - The size of the arrows displayed.
  • SignalPrice - Select true to form a price tag on the bar.
  • SignalPriceBUY - The color of the price tag.
  • SignalPriceSELL - The color of the price tag.
  • AlertsMessage - Select true / false to receive messages on the terminal screen.
  • AlertsSound - Select true / false to receive an audio message.
  • AlertsEmail - Select true / false to receive notifications by email.
  • AlertsMobile - Select true / false to receive push messages.
  • SoundFile - Type of sound file.
hbtisol2020 2018.12.10 19:24 

Good Indicator, very helpful suppot, thanks alot for your help

ummadirajani 2018.12.01 17:12 

It is very useful,works efficiently thanks for sharing

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.07.11 00:40 

Way to many false signals...UPDATE: Developer suggests making many adjustments and optimization with this indicator until you get it right, in a forever changing FOREX market this is a great way to lose money to him and the market!!!

Version 1.30 2018.11.21
Removed a pair limit. Alerts one bar after the signal bar.
Version 1.20 2018.08.16
Added a new, smoothed version of the indicator.
Version 1.10 2018.07.06
Algorithm of calculation is changed.
Added Volatil coefficient.
Added SignalPrice function.
Alerts are corrected.