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ATR Arrows MTF

The ATR Arrows MTF indicator is built based on the Average True Range (ATR). It provides entry signals as arrows. All signals are generated at the current bar.

Signals do not redraw! All signals in MTF mode correspond to the signals of the period specified in the MTF. It is very easy to use both for trading based on one indicator and for use in your trading systems. The indicator timeframe can be set independently of the main window, so you can combine several indicators in one window.

To test the indicator possibilities, use the following demo version: ATR Arrows MTF Demo


  • CountBars - The number of bars.
  • TimeFrame - The period for calculating the data.
  • ATRPeriod - Period Average True Range.
  • KoefSmoothed - Smoothing factor.
  • Volatil - Volatility coefficient.
  • ArrowUP - Color Arrow and Price Tag.
  • ArrowDN - Color Arrow and Price Tag.
  • ArrowGap - Indent from the price to display the arrows.
  • CodUP - Type of displayed arrows.
  • CodDN - The type of arrows displayed.
  • ArrowSize - The size of the arrows displayed.
  • SignalPrice - Select true to form a price tag on the bar.
  • SignalPriceMTF - Select true to create a price tag on the bar in MTF mode.
  • AlertsMessage - Select true / false to receive messages on the terminal screen.
  • AlertsSound - Select true / false to receive an audio message.
  • AlertsEmail - Select true / false to receive notifications by email.
  • AlertsMobile - Select true / false to receive push messages.
  • AlertsOnCurrent - Delay on signal, true to get Alerts on 0 candle.
  • SoundFile - Type of sound file.

Shane McDonald
Shane McDonald 2019.10.11 03:34 

Happy with developer response time and product. Look forward to seeing what else Yuriy comes up with.

david880 2019.05.26 12:00 

Super good indicator. Very helpful to guild the trend with high accuracy. After few days testing, it became one of my top three indicators for my daily use.

inver61 2019.05.10 11:42 

For now, perfect, indicator with many possibilities. The seller very fast in answering questions. keep it up.

rainwalker123 2019.04.15 13:32 

Best Arrow indicator, which you can adjust to your trading style. Signals non repainting from a higher timeframe

Hoping the price remains fair.

gkb 2019.03.25 16:53 

Well, ATR arrows MTF is my main instrument for daily trading. Thanks

ummadirajani 2019.01.24 13:36 

Thanks for sharing excellent Indicator which truly nonrepainting

hbtisol2020 2018.12.10 19:23 

Good Indicator, very helpful suppot, thanks alot for your help

Jan-Jan Vos
Jan-Jan Vos 2018.07.17 20:51 

This is the only open bar, Arrow indicator that shows the exact entry spot on the bar.

Seller responded to all my questions.

mxp1 2018.06.21 10:29 

Good indicator, author is helpful & responsive with question.

Version 1.80 2019.05.06
The indicator completely changed the method of constructing MTF. All signals in MTF mode correspond to the signals of the period specified in the MTF.
Version 1.70 2019.04.29
Fixed bug.
Version 1.60 2019.04.29
The value of the price tag corresponds to the size of the arrow.
Version 1.50 2019.04.18
Corrected the work of Alerts and PriceBox Functions.
Version 1.40 2019.01.24
The new version of the indicator takes into account the wishes and comments of users.
Volatil coefficient returned. Optimized the work of the indicator itself. In the "Comments" section you can download a non-trading advisor and an indicator to it, for selecting optimal parameters,
that match your manner of trading.
Version 1.30 2019.01.05
Optimized indicator operation.
Version 1.20 2018.08.16
Added a new, smoothed version of the indicator.
Version 1.10 2018.07.06
Algorithm of calculation is changed.
Added Volatil coefficient.
Added SignalPrice function.
Alerts are corrected.