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Compass Indicator

The Compass indicator works by using the author's formula for calculating the trend strength and direction, taking into account volatility for a certain period of time.

Compass Indicator does not redraw values and generates a signal on the current bar!

The main advantage of Compass is the timely determination of trend reversal and continuation moments, price correction and continuation of the long-term trend.

Basic signals of the Compass indicator:

  1. Beginning of the trend reversal.
  2. Beginning of trend correction.
  3. End of trend correction.
  4. End of trend.

Compass Indicator has a minimum of settings, which are easy-to-understand.

Compass Indicator notifies of the emergence of a new trading signal using graphical objects and built-in sound alerts.

Compass can be used on any currency pair and timeframe. However, we recommend using timeframes M15 and higher.

Compass Indicator is suitable for intraday trading and long-term systems. Can be used in combination with other indicators and on its own.

Inputs of Compass Indicator

  • Indicator_Period_1 - indicator period for trend analysis
  • Applied_Price - price used for calculation
  • Mode_Method - smoothing method
  • Indicator_Period_2 - indicator period for trend analysis
  • Volatility - volatility calculation factor
  • Offset - offset factor
  • Alert on/off - enable/disable sound alerts ("0" - disabled, "1" - enabled)
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