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MasterFx BuySellCorrection Macd

BSC is an indicator created to make calculations of the BUY and SELL signals informing when the trend starts and ends. It also reports when there is a correction relating to this previous BUY or SELL signal. After this correction, it again indicates that this correction has ended, returning to trend again.

This indicator can be used in any timeframe.


  • Type of indicator: MACD
  • Socks used: EMA5 - EMA 34 - SMA 5
  • MACD Signal Crossing with MACD MAIN
  • Red Color = Price Drop
  • Color Green = Price Rise
  • Only tuned for EURUSD (we will have more indicators for each instrument)
  • You can use it on any instrument but we do not advise you to use it other than EURUSD

Best use

  • Use in TimeFrames H1, H4, D1 for Swing or Long Time
  • Use in M5, M15, M30 TimeFrames for Scalping or Short Time

This indicator is a specific improvement for the MACD indicator.

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