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WaltSoft Trade Manager

  • Calculates the Lot Size for a given % Risk and places the order with SL and TP with one single click of a button.
  • Drag and position your Stop Loss and Take profit before placing the actual order.
  • Can close one or all orders (one direction, buy or sell) with one click of a button.
  • Can lock in profit of your trades with a Trailing Stop Loss.
  • Can work with Market Orders, Instant Orders, Pending Stop Orders and Pending Limit Orders.

See presentation below for more info.

REMARK: this EA (partly) doesn’t work in the Strategy Tester!
But you can download the DEMO version to give it a try before purchasing.
The demo version has limitations which are described in its settings.


The main problem is: you want to enter a trade and you know where you want to put your Stop Loss, but you don’t want to risk more than 2% of your account.
The problem is that you don’t know the Lot Size and you will have to calculate it.


Use the WaltSoft Trade Manager! It will do this and much more.


  • Magic Number --> enter your magic number. Default = “12345”
  • Order Comment --> enter your order comment. Default = “” (blank)
  • Play Sound Orders --> play a sound when an order is placed. Default = “true”
  • Percent Risk --> Percent of your account you lose when Stop Loss gets hit. Default = “2” %
  • Risk Reward --> Default = “2”. You make 2 times your risk when Take Profit is reached
  • Stop Loss (Pips) --> Default = “10”
  • Trail When Pips Profit --> Default “3”. If price has moved 10 pips in profit, it will trail 10 pips
  • Pending Order Distance (Pips) --> Default = “20”. You can drag this to re-position.
  • Expiration Time Pending Orders (Minutes) --> Default “0” (no expiration when 0)
  • Round Turn Commission Per Lot --> look this up with your broker
  • Font Size --> scales the whole box up or down. Default = “10”
  • Box Distance from Left (Pixels) --> Default “5” pixels
  • Box Distance from Top (Pixels) --> Default “25” pixels
  • Adjust Box Width (Pixels) --> Default “0” pixels
  • Adjust Box Height (Pixels) --> Default “0” pixels



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