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Value History

Value History is a very convenient indicator that returns the movement information both in terms of pips or points and in percentage terms.

This indicator is useful for making historical analyzes and verifying previous movements in order to look for recurrences of volatility.

Percentage values are returned based on the closing price of the previous movement while the point value can also be calculated on the minimum and maximum of the previous movement.

Personally, I use this indicator to evaluate historical volatility trying to identify and study inversion values better.


  • Menu Show
    • Show_Points: labels on chart calculate points
    • Show_NetChange: labels on chart calculate percentage
  • Calculation Modality (only for Show_Points)
    • Min_Max: calculate the difference from High and Low candles values
    • Open_Close: calculate the difference between Open and Close candles values
  • LossColor
  • GainColor
    • Periods: how many candles show the labels
    • Font of labels
    • Font_Size of labels
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