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Binary WAY

Binary WAY is an indicator for binary options. It allows you to use the same settings for working with every single currency pair around the clock.

The operation of the Binary WAY indicator is based on a quite complex algorithm. It uses a wide range of technical analysis tools. Namely: analysis of the overall volatility level of an asset, its overbought/oversold status and the determination its current phase.

Binary WAY is a countertrend indicator. It generates signals based on impulse price movements, after which the price is highly likely to roll back in the opposite direction. That is, the indicator does not look for trend changes, a small price rollback of just one candle is enough for it to work.

Binary WAY has a fairly convenient and functional graphical interface. It allows you to do the following directly from the chart:

  • switch currency pairs and timeframes;
  • adjust the indicator parameters;
  • take screenshots;
  • and a number of other equally useful functions.

The information can be displayed using the integrated tester with a fairly wide functionality (disabled by default). It allows evaluating the accuracy of the indicator on any time interval (with any settings) in a few seconds. Namely: the number of profitable and unprofitable signals, their max series, the total Win rate, and estimated possible profit.

Binary WAY includes 2 custom oscillators. Periods of both oscillators can be adjusted using 1st Indicator Period and 2nd Indicator Period.

In addition, the Filter parameter allows setting the sensitivity of the indicator. Thus, this filter can be used to customize the number and quality of signals.

Main features

  • Currency pairs: All.
  • Timeframe: M5.
  • Expiration time: 1 candle.
  • Trading period: Around the clock.
  • Martingale: not used.

The main characteristics are not tied to certain bounds and may vary.

The indicator can work on all(!) pairs, which allows you to trade all symbols provided by the broker. Such universality makes it possible to diversify the trade.

Market entry rules

Signals appear at the first tick of a new candle. Market entries are performed as soon as a signal appears.

Preliminary signals will notify about upcoming possible market entry signals in advance.

Attention: signals are never redrawn and do not disappear!


  • Filter - filter settings.
  • 1st Indicator Period - period of the first indicator.
  • 2nd Indicator Period - period of the second indicator.
  • Expiration Time - expiration time.
  • Payout Persentage - broker payout percentage.
  • Trade Size - lot size.
  • History Calculation - calculation of history (options: by bars, by dates, or calculation of the entire downloaded history).
  • History of Bars - the number of bars.
  • Date From - history start time.
  • Date To - history end time.
  • Time Start - trading period start time.
  • Time Stop - trading period end time.
  • Time Start on Monday - trading period start time on Monday.
  • Time Stop on Friday - trading period end time on Friday.
  • Indent - offset of arrows from candles.
  • Arrow Code Up - code of the upwards arrows.
  • Arrow Code Down - code of the downwards arrows.
  • Alert - enable/disable pop-up alerts.
  • Sound File Name - select the sound file in the terminal.
  • Email Notification - email notifications.
  • Push Notification on Mobil Terminal - push notifications to mobile devices.
  • Show Control Panel - enable/disable the control panel.
  • Show Tester - enable/disable the tester.

The indicator is designed both for manual and automatic trading.

At the same time, its signals do not require filtering by any additional indicators. Binary WAY is a standalone and self-sufficient trading system that does not require any additions.

* The presented video demonstrates the testing results of this indicator on a period of 8(!) years.


Stepan Moiseev - developer of trading algorithms and software solutions

Profile link: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/StepanAnatoljevich

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Version 1.3 2018.06.22
Load on terminal has been reduced.
Version 1.2 2018.06.14
Code optimization.
Version 1.1 2018.06.04
Optimized the signal generation algorithm.