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UniversalFiboChannel is a universal indicator, it builds a trading channel according to Fibonacci levels. This indicator is a full-fledged channel trading strategy. The indicator is installed in the usual way and works with any trading tool.


  • HelpBasisTF = "M: 43200; W: 10080; D1: 1440; H4: 240; H1: 60" is a hint for the BasisTF parameter
  • BasisTF = 1440 - base period for calculating Fibonacci levels
  • DisplayDecimals = 5 - the number of decimal places of the price of the trading instrument

Advantages of the indicator

  1. Works with any trade symbol
  2. Designed for scalping, binary options, medium and long-term trade

Recommendations for working with the indicator

This indicator displays all the levels necessary for making trading decisions. I recommend working with this indicator on the channel strategy to clear or break significant levels.

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