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This specific indicator is designed to solve one specific problem:

In case the connection to the broker's server is lost, remember when the connection was lost, and at what time the connection was resumed. Thus, the user sees the time when there was no connection to the broker's server.

An Alert box is displayed on the screen, which records when the connection was lost and resumed. Of course, the indicator will not react to slight losses of packets.

For better visualization of the indicator operation, you can select one of 6 various options in the "х" variable and choose what should blink at intervals of 1 second. Accordingly:

  1. BidLine
  2. AskLine
  3. Volume
  4. DateScale
  5. PriceScale
  6. Grid
  7. OHLC
If you do not want something to constantly blink on the screen, it is recommended to select OHLC, as it does not catch the eye. Accordingly, if any of the 6 indicators is blinking, that means there is a connection.
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