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InvestorPRO is a stable Expert Advisor for professional traders. The EA trades in a fully automated mode. The trading algorithm of the EA is based on analysis of numerous factors that affect the dynamics of an instrument. This EA has been created to provide the trader with a comfortable environment for investment in the financial instruments of the Forex market.

The EA is installed in the usual way and is suitable for trading any trading symbols. The EA is designed for trading on the D1 timeframe. Optimization of the EA parameters is not required.

Advantages of the EA

  • Multifactor analysis of the market situation - volatility, support and resistance levels, probability of a breakout or rebound from important support or resistance levels, remoteness from important price levels


  • Lot - volume of the trade operation (0.1 Lot per 1000 currency units of the deposit is recommended).
  • Profit - profit in the deposit currency to close the position. If Profit = 0, the profit value will be calculated automatically depending on the market situation.
  • Stop - loss in the deposit currency to close the position. If Stop = 0, the loss value is ignored.
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