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The trend analysis is based on the most popular indicators, like triple EMA, RSI, STOCHASTICS, MACD and CCI.

It can be applied on a single chart and get a full preview of a trend on eight charts from a single chart panel.

The eight major currencies are pre-loaded but can be customized by changing from the input box.

The indicator is not heavy to load and does not hang the charts.

The indicator can be used as a standalone or as a confirming indicator for entries or analysis.

The position of the indicator panel can be well customized and it can be placed in corners as well as center aligned.

It works well as standalone signals on the higher timeframes, where the signal fluctuations are weaker.


Define pairs for the trend analysis panel

"Write 8 pairs to show trend:" - input any pair (up to eight pairs) to analyze with this indicator

  • symbol1="EURUSD";
  • symbol2="GBPUSD";
  • symbol3="AUDUSD";
  • symbol4="NZDUSD";
  • symbol5="EURGBP";
  • symbol6="USDCAD";
  • symbol7="USDJPY";
  • symbol8="USDCHF".

Base indicator settings (adjust as per need to make setting more optimized)

  • EMA1_period=10 - fast EMA
  • EMA2_period=50 - mid EMA
  • EMA3_period=200 - slow EMA
  • Stochastic_period=30 - stochastic period sensitivity (lower is less accurate)
  • CCI_period=50 - CCI period sensitivity (lower is less accurate)
  • RSI_period=14 - RSI period sensitivity (lower is less accurate)
  • MACD_period=20 - MACD period sensitivity (lower is less accurate)

Panel position settings

  • "Coordinates:" - set location
  • X=40 - move the panel horizontally to left or right
  • Y=20 - move the panel vertically
  • Corner=3 - position to different corners of the chart

Font size of the arrows on panel

  • FontSize=10 - increase to make the arrows on panel larger, decrease to make them smaller

Colors settings of the text and arrows as per trend

  • TxtClr=Yellow - customize text display on the panel
  • High_up_color=Lime - set color for strong uptrend arrows
  • UpClr=DarkGreen - set color for normal uptrend arrows
  • DnClr=FireBrick - set color for normal downtrend arrows
  • High_down_color=Red - set color for strong downtrend arrows

Ali Akbar Chowdhury
Ali Akbar Chowdhury 2018.12.04 23:46