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CAP Joly Scalper EA

The CAP Joly Scalper Expert Advisor is a price action scalper that trades tick data aggressively with reversal trade strategy.

It uses a unique Scalper strategy, no martingale, no hedging, no grid. However, it is recommended to trade only low-spread and liquid Forex pairs.
  • This EA only works on EURUSD.
  • The EA works better with tight trading parameters.
  • The average profit factor during testing is above 2.3.

Trading Requirements

Caution is advised. In order to trade this EA, you need the following:
  • A good broker, with low spreads and stop levels.
  • A good Internet connection.
  • A lot of stamina.
  • Works great on ECN or low spread account (no more than 2 pips).


The Expert Advisor uses tick data. Please backtest the M1 timeframe in "every tick" mode and play to find the best parameters.


Input Parameters

  • MagicNumber: Set a unique number.
  • EmailAlert: Get e-mail alert when new open trade.
  • PushAlert: Get mobile alert when new open trade.
  • StopLoss: Distance to fix loss in points. 
  • TradeSignal: The trade signal represents the directional volatility needed to trade. Increase value for better performance and less trade.
  • Limit: Distance to reverse in points.
  • TrailingStart: Distance to trailing start.
  • UseMM: If it is True, the lot will be calculated automatically. If false, LotSize is traded.
  • FixedLots: FixedLots to trade if UseMM=false.
  • MinLots: Set Minimum lots size of your account.
  • MaxLots: Set Maximum lots size of your account.
  • RiskPercent: Risk allocation per trade. Lot is chosen automatically based on percentage of the balance.


Optimized Settings

Please find optimized settings for live trading in the comments tab, so I can post updated ones at any time. 



Capilta Forex Solutions

Sameer Shariff
2015.03.14 09:12 


This product and the 5 star reviews below are all fake. The developer is dishonest and unhelpful.

Don't be fooled by the back test results. Developer has written code to fake good results in the strategy tester, but on the live account you can truly see how badly it performs.

Don't waste your money on this and don't be foolish like I was.

I followed all the recommended EA settings and VPS recommendations. When I asked the provider why is there such huge differences between live and back test, he said "I DON'T KNOW" and that's where the conversation ended.

MQL should evaluate it's resellers and their products to ensure only high quality products are allowed. I think there are a lot of scam artists here.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Save yourself time and money.

Johannes Hermann
2015.03.10 08:05 

after big losses the signals vanishing very fast of this trader! this ea produce to big losses!

2015.02.16 09:35 

New strategy_2 much better than first strategt_1. Produces a few small losses and very big wins. Still it making money for me. I add review because My full cost, I have been withdraw. Great work....

Recommend !!!

ps after purchase immediately talk to the developer, because before work on a real account you need to install the "right" setting the robot.

2015.02.16 09:14 

1.5 weeks ago I purchased this EA. it was very nice. Today I have on deposit growth of 20%. I see such a result for the first time "live" on the trading account !!! A huge thank you. I sincerely hope that more will also :) Note: I am using strategy_2 only, and this trading system is great... Thanks again.

Stanislav Tkachenko
2015.02.10 10:28   

я купил эту херню и у меня ничего не работает, даже у тех брокеров которые он советует, лохотрон очередной

Mark B. Waldon
2015.01.23 06:25 

Hi All,

I always like high frequency profitable EA and this EA is perfect for me. Yesterday EA make 130% profit. It made my make my purchase cost back. So I think it deserve 5 Stars!!!

I am also using strategy_2 on my another account. It look also goods.

Thomas Schroeder
2015.01.23 06:15 

I am using this EA for 3 months with strategy_2, I can say it works really well and stable profit.

Is important follow the developer recommendations. He provides a great support.

I also think is important use a VPS with low latency to the server broker to maximize profits.

2015.01.07 12:57 

There is no income

Hakan Sari
2014.12.30 10:24 

His expert does not work on real account. just work in backtest, even ea does not work demo account. dont believe him.

Where is MQL5 Administration ? Why do you allow this ?

I ask to MQL5, I bought this ea for I believe MetaQuotes Company otherwise I dont know him, I never buy ea from him if you were not. how is not refund policy in buying ea ? I paid 250 $ for ea, and I lost 200 $ on my forex account. My lose is totally 450 $ . am i wrong for i believed mql5 ?

This ea works with just Moving avarage of bar, there is no big strategy inside or there is no holy grail. I am still my money back.

First I lost money, He said your must buy vps. I said OK and bought. Then he said your vps is not suitable for ea. I said OK and changed. After I was bored.

This is her answers in PM.


I lost 200 $ in 3 days. after I wanted my money back. he said if you bought from my website i could refund your money. but you bought on mql5, mql5 website does not have refund policy.

what a answer ? I paid money for earn money with your expert. if i am not able to earn money with your ea. why i paid money him ?

I will disgrace you on internet Mohammad Ali. if you were an honorable person, even you were shy just your name that is propet name. I dont allow you sell this ea on internet. I will tell all truth about you. dont worry ;) I will play with you.

!!! Dishonest !!!

Paulus Nangoy
2014.12.04 15:56 

Great EA, tried on OctaFx mini real account and works very well .. and I must add the support from seller is excellent .. :)

Yuji Morita
2014.12.04 15:53 

I couldn't take profit setting risk 10%

It's using VPS in New York.so It's low latency.

Demo account can profit.

Real is loss. because there are slippage.

If you want to try,you have to start small deposit.

add:ICMarkets freeze when news time. It's fatal for this EA

Sami Derti
2014.12.01 05:56 

Excellent EA with real Profits Verry happy with this ea ;-)

Shawn J. Lockett
2014.11.09 15:30 

Excellent EA and even better service. I am happy with this.

2014.11.06 15:34 

Everything I would içinteş 50% profit in 1 day

460 usd

Ashok Nale
2014.10.29 20:54 

This EA works as advertised. It needs to run on M1 EURUSD with low spread broker. So far 24% profit. working great.

I am updating my review now. It worked for a while and now it is not working as it is shown by seller. Be careful. This EA works on Ticks movement. Tick movement is affected by several parameters including VPS latency, Broker Server latency, Broker SPread and so on. These parameters can not be same even if you are running your EA on same VPS with same broker. So, be careful. Please share your success story if at all this EA is working for you.

2014.08.26 15:22 

Do not buy this EA, you will lose your money.

Matthew Todorovski
2014.08.26 05:17 

This EA is broker-dependant. Seemed to work okay on a new broker: made a decent quick gain at the start, but recently it has only had losing days. I am not standing by watching my account erode: this one is staying off my Real account.

2014.08.11 14:35 

This Expert Advisor is able to stably earn profit. I am very happy with it. The seller is helpful and always responds to questions quickly. Highly recommended.

Aslan Khuzmiev
2014.06.30 05:39 

При правильном подборе брокера и настроек работает стабильно. Хорошая работа и качественная поддержка!

Rinat Bermileev
2014.06.12 12:53 

Хороший советник. За месяц прибавил + 17% к депозиту на паре EURUSD и 1.6% на паре GPBUSD. Мохамад - хорошая работа!

2014.06.02 07:01 

It's a good ea. It can be really profitable when strong and certain movements come but the problem is many broker not allow to open trade that time. Even so i don't think the program is guilty for that. I am using it on Exness and make profit. nice job....

2014.05.28 11:16 

Don't buy it, horrible - it will blow -50% in just a few day even you get a good parameters form your backtest.

The sample just test on 25-50% modelling quality which is much different from the real ticks. No money back guarantee as mentioned. Stay away from it and beware the fake reviews!!

2014.04.03 01:33 

This is great EA. It’s make few small losses, but wins is big. My deposit almost double last week. Great jobs. There is only one downside that it’s not work all broker…..

Version 2.0 - 2015.11.23
-Various bug fixes and improvements
---Deleted strategy_2. So, there no multiple strategies in the new version. Only keep strategy_1 and improve this strategy.

-Changed the properties:
---Fully changed the EA's properties.
---Added a lot of new properties.

-New version has major changes in the properties. Basic strategy remains unchanged. So, now you can fully optimize the EA with you broker.
Version 1.70 - 2015.06.19
Fixed problem of "Time Filter for News Event". Now the time filter works properly.
Version 1.60 - 2014.12.04
1. Re-arranged the properties.
2. Added one more Bonus strategy. Now, the EA has two strategies.
Strategy_1: This is an old strategy that works when the market volatility is high.
Strategy_2: This is a new strategy that works when the market volatility is low.
Version 1.50 - 2014.11.17
Added Profit and Loss Management.
Version 1.40 - 2014.07.03
Added two new two properties:
1. MaximumSpread: maximum allowed spread to enter a trade. set 0 to disable.
2. TimeOption: when enabled, the EA does not open any trades within selected time zone.
Version 1.30 - 2014.06.03
Our Company Name Changed.
Version 1.20 - 2014.03.10
Show current spread on chart.
Version 1.10 - 2014.02.21
Some message spelling correction.