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Skynet Parabolic

This indicator displays the entry points for buying and selling, with additional push notifications. It is based on the classic Parabolic SAR indicator, price smoothing model and certain mathematical methods for a greater variability in finding market entry points.


  • Fewer wrong entries compared to the use of classic breakout and trend confirmation indicators. Signals are not redrawn.
  • A large number of customizable parameters.
  • Visualization of the bullish and bearish trend.
  • Used for identifying very large and long trends without delay inherent in moving averages with large periods.
  • Suitable for determining the entry point both in the markets with sharp trend changes and in low volatility markets with numerous rollbacks.


  • distance - coefficient of distance from the price to Parabolic when the trend changes. The default value is 40;
  • velocity - coefficient for the speed of Parabolic convergence with the price. The default value is 10;
  • multiplier - coefficient for the number of entry points. The higher the value, the more the entry points. Values 1-5 are suitable for identifying large trend sections. The default value is 5;
  • smooth - period of the smoothing line. The default value is 3;
  • space - distance to skip the rollbacks. The default value is 5;
  • notification - send messages to a mobile device (Metaquotes ID). The default value is 1;

Additional Information

The indicator parameters have a high impact on identification of the market entry points. When using, it is necessary to adjust the coefficients so that the entry points are visually at the optimal location. These parameters will differ for different markets. The best markets are those with high volatility and unpredictable trend changes without a lot of rollbacks. The space parameter should be selected experimentally to find the best inputs and to identify long-term trends with a large number of rollbacks.

Values of the distance parameter for M1: 5, M5: 10, M15: 25; M30: 50; H1: 100; H4: 200; D1: 500. It is recommended for use on H1, H4, D1.

The indicator works only with closed bars, no market entry signals are generated at the zero bar.

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