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Breakout Beast

The Breakout Beast EA has been developed to trade the breakout of the London session Open or breakout of any other session. The London session is the most active, and volatile trading session of the day, and offers the most volatility, and trading opportunities of the three main daily trade sessions. The EA capitalizes on this market volatility, and trades the daily breakout of the session on full auto with little to no intervention needed.

The Breakout Beast EA will create a box based on the previous high, and low leading up to London open, and after the London market opens it will trade the price breakout. There are three target levels set based on Fibonacci levels, and an auto stop loss is set for protection of the account.

You can edit the box size should you wish to, and you can change the timing of the London session start (for daylight saving, etc.).

This EA needs little to no intervention or monitoring. Simply load the EA to the chart, set your lot size based on your personal risk management, and that is it, let it do its thing. There are other input settings which can be edited, but the default settings have been optimized for best performance.

There is the option to use martingale should you wish to. The default martingale level is 5, and there is the option to reset the sequence on each new session start. You can also edit the martingale multiplier.

The Breakout Beast EA is also suitable for trading breakouts of other sessions besides the London session, and can be successfully used for trading other daily breakouts, like Asian, or US sessions, etc.


  • MaxMartingaleLevel - Level of martingale.
  • UseMartingale - Select to use martingale function or not.
  • ResetMartingaleOnSessionStart - Select to reset the martingale level sequence.
  • MartingaleMultiplier - Select the multiplier value.
  • LotSize - Select fixed lot size.
  • MagicNumber - Select the magic number.
  • MaxTP - Select the take profit target level.
  • DrawObjects - Select to display info on chart.
  • TradeComment - Enter trade comment here.
  • StartTime - Select box start time.
  • Endtime - Select box end time.
  • SessionEndTime - Select session end time.
  • SessionColor - Select the session box color.
  • MinBoxSizeInPips - Select the minimum box size in pips.
  • MaxBoxSizeInPips - Select the maximum box size in pips.
  • BoxColorOK - Select the color of the box.
  • BoxColorNOK - Select the box color of max.
  • BoxColorMax - Select the box caution color.
  • LevelColor - Select the color to display the levels.
  • ProfitColor - Select to show the profit color.
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