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GS Assist

GS Assist is designed for managing orders of other experts and risk exposure. It can run on all forex symbols.

The tool can be used as an order manager for other experts and/or as a quick trading tool featuring BUY and SELL buttons.

It features a built-in Forex Factory news feed to allow closing orders before the news releases.


  1. Automatic closing of orders from a group upon reaching a total target profit (or loss)
  2. Closing of orders from a group a specified time before a news release (mins before an event News)
  3. Closing of orders from a group on Friday at 22:00
  4. Closing of orders from a group by a click on the CloseGroup button or using buttons for subgroups of orders in the Members of Group panel
  5. Limitation of loss through the Use EquityStop parameter, which sets percentage of risk from the current equity
  6. Trading using the BUY and SELL buttons with adjustable Lot, TakeProfit and StopLoss parameters

The EA receives information about the time of news releases using a built-in modified version of the FFCal indicator. It is developed by Forex Factory.

It is necessary to allow WebRequest to "http://www.forexfactory.com/ffcal_week_this.xml" in the Expert Advisors tab of the Options menu.

Implementation of the Target Group trading strategy

The main parameters include Target Group Profit and Target Group Loss, which set target values of profit/loss for a group of orders.

A group of orders is set at the special Members of Group panel.

For the UseGlobal=false mode, there is one row of the current symbol or a magic number of GS Assist.

For the UseGlobal=true mode, panel rows are formed by the 'R' button in the upper right corner based on the list of open orders.

Such rows can be represented as symbols or magic numbers (the 'Members of group' parameter).

A mark on the row (a button at the beginning of the row) indicates that appropriate orders are included in the group.

Red buttons enable manual closure of appropriate orders.

The tool can manage orders on other currency pairs as well as those opened by Expert Advisors

In order to manage orders of an Expert Advisor, you should specify its magic number in the list. Its orders will be automatically closed upon reaching the specified Target Group Profit and Target Group Loss values.

Manual management buttons: CLOSE, BUY, SELL

CLOSE buttons can operate in two modes - with or without a confirmation (the OneClickClose parameter).

Buttons BUY and SELL operate in one-click mode.

Any timeframe (M5 is more convenient)

Options for the lot value:

  • Fixed lot for all new orders (adjusted in accordance with the minimum lot allowed for the account).
  • Increasing lot, which depends on the initial lot value and the number of open orders
  • Increasing lot, which depends on the current deposit, taking into account the risk percent and the number of open orders

Profit/loss targets are set in cents.

Information with actual input parameters used, with Loss and Profit recalculated from Cents to Points, is shown on the screen.

Input parameters

  • Use Global = true - works with all orders open on the account
  • Members of group = GROUP_SYMBOL - group formation mode (GROUP_SYMBOL or GROUP_MAGIC)
  • Target Group profit parameter = 500 - the value of target profit of all open orders
  • Target Group loss (cents, 0-not use) = 500 - limit on the max acceptable loss value of all open orders
  • Use One Click Closing = true - closing orders without an additional confirmation
  • Filter News FFCall = true; - enable the news filter
  • USA Summer Time = true; - summer time in USA
  • Close Orders = true; - close the order before the news release
  • IncludeHigh = true; - enable high-impact news
  • IncludeMedium = false; - enable medium-impact news
  • IncludeSpeaks = true; - enable speeches
  • mins before an event News = 2; - the number of minutes before the news release to close orders
  • Use EquityStop = true - limit of loss by equity, closes all orders.
  • Total % Risk to EquityStop = 50.0 - risk percent from the current deposit
  • Use StopFriday Group = false - closing all orders of the group on Friday at 22:00
  • Magic number = 23712;
  • Lot Mode = MODE_FIXED // or Grid_Increment - increasing lot for each next order, or From_Account_Balance
  • Fixed Lot = 0.01;
  • Lot Increment Factor = 1.3 - lot value lots=lots*MathPow(Lot Increment Factor, num); where num is the number of the order
  • Risk Percent Lot = 5.0 - risk percent from the available balance
  • Order Stop Loss (cents, 0-not use) = 600 - Stop Loss value of an order
  • Order Take Profit (cents,0-not use) = 800 - Take Profit value of an order
  • Display info = true - show/hide a table of input parameters

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Version 2.5 2018.10.02
Параметры Target profit и Target loss задаются в единицах базовой валюты счета
Version 2.4 2018.04.11
1. Increased the maximum number of rows of the Members of Group panel to 20.
2. Set the default value for "mins before an event News" to 2.
Version 2.3 2018.04.05
Uses the Forex Factory news feed to close the orders before the news releases.
Automatic generation of the list in the "Members of Group" panel from open orders.
Version 2.1 2018.03.26
Restructured input parameters responsible for the lot size.