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Schrodinger trading machine

Schrodinger trading machine is an Expert Advisor (robot) for any financial instrument on MetaTrader 4 platform.

Both main input parameters (N and M) are optimized for EURUSD H1. Of course, you are able to optimize these parameters for any currency pair and timeframe. For example, the main input parameters for GBPUSD H1: N = 5.0 and M = 12

The main input parameters N and M can be any positive numbers. These are input parameters (weight coefficients) of the one layer neural network.

N is a double type of input parameter and can be any number from 1.0 to 9.9.

M is an integer type of input parameter and can be 1 to 99.

The EA checks for a new trend and opens a position accordingly. If a trend changes its direction to the opposite side, the EA closes a position.

A position can be closed by Take Profit or Stop Loss but I recommend to put some big numbers to allow the EA to close a position by its inner calculation.

This EA has a money management system (UseMM = true). In this case, it will calculate a percentage (input parameter PercentMM) as AccountFreeMargin function.


  • N = 4.8 - first weight coefficient of the neural network. Best in the range from 3 to 6
  • M = 20 - second weight coefficient of the neural network. Best in the range from 10 to 30
  • UseMM = false - if TRUE, then the money management system calculates the size of the lot
  • PercentMM = 2 - if UseMM = true, then the EA calculates a percentage from AccountFreeMargin as a Lot Size
  • Lots = 0.2 - a Lot Size value if UseMM = false
  • MagicNum = 1719 - unique magic number for all positions from this robot
recjr 2018.09.12 17:17 

5 Months of consistent profit, you can even run this on any pair you want - just pick one and optimize yourself (default values are for EURUSD).