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DayTradingArrow provides arrows based on professional trading strategies and simplifies the analysis when you enter the market.

The indicator algorithm includes a unique - Trend Filter, Trend Reversal Strategy and an Adaptive Trend Strategy built as a highly adaptive smart algorithm in One Tool!

DayTradingArrow algorithm detects the market reversal early and generates arrows signals, calculates the trend line, filters out market noise and gives exit signals, stop loss and trailing stop level.

Why DayTradingArrow

  • Trade signals every day.
  • Easy to make trading decision.
  • Gives entry, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Easy to understand trend direction.
  • More signals than any other system.
  • Never repaints.
  • Signals appears on the close of the bar.

Mode of trade and commercial tactics

Use H1 to determine the trend and use a smaller timeframe to identify and confirm potential trades. Enter the trade with the help of the arrows in the direction of the trend.

You have a buy signal when a new buy arrow appears and the price is above the stop line. You have a sell signal when a new sell arrow appears and the price is below the stop line.

  • Close buy signal when the price closes below the stop line.
  • Close sell signal when the price closes above the stop line.


DayTradingArrow parameters can be easy fully configured.
  • ARROWPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the arrows.
    • ARROWPERIOD - 6 when using default settings.
    • ARROWPERIOD - 4 to 6 to use a stronger filter.
  • TrendPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the trend.
    • TrendPERIOD - 1 when using default settings.
    • TrendPERIOD - 1 to 6.
  • LINEPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the trend line.
    • LINEPERIOD - 6 when using default settings.
    • LINEPERIOD - 2 to 6.
  • AlertOn - enable alerts.
  • EmailAlert - enable email alerts.
  • PushAlert - enable push notifications.

You can also get a Free Expert Advisor (DayTradingArrowEA.ex4).

Promwat 2018.11.15 09:54 

I am a beginner in forex trading. I bought this indicator based on the suggestion of my well-experienced trader's friend. So far, I made $50 from trading yesterday which for me it is quite a lot of money to earn in a day. I hope forex to be my life changing for the better fortune. With the help of this indicator, I think that I have a chance to be good at forex.

Robert Borvornsantisuk
Robert Borvornsantisuk 2018.11.15 09:40 

This is my 3rd purchases of any indicators from the author. It is hard to find indicator that best in both long term trading, and scalping! Nevertheless, I had already found one that is DaytradingARROW. I would like to give a big thank you to Nedyalka Zhelyazkova for his hard work,and dedication.

Aravind 2018.11.11 14:24 

Very good indicator

Joseph Olatunji
Joseph Olatunji 2018.09.20 15:27 

Good indicator and what i like most about the indicator is that it does not repaint. More positive pips.

Domenico Di
Domenico Di 2018.09.06 16:41 

I bought the indicator and find it simple, effective and profitable. I am very happy with the purchase. The price-quality ratio is fantastic. Thank you

Xiaolei Liu
Xiaolei Liu 2018.08.21 09:07 

Good indicator,no repainting,no delay,thanks.

Version 3.0 2018.07.23
Improving the performance of the indicator.
Added new parameter:
TrendPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the trend.
Version 2.0 2018.02.28
Added new parameter:
ARROWPERIOD - number of bars used to calculate the arrows.