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Nantucket MT5

The Expert Advisor opens orders in the most significant price areas calculating the general trend direction, its reversal and the current possible fluctuations. The EA features the info and trading panel. It also has a simple sensitivity configuration of calculations for the operation (Sensitivity), where 1 is the most aggressive trading in scalper mode and 7 is the least aggressive medium-term trend trading.


  • Sensitivity - signal sensitivity level for trading, where 1 is the greatest risk, and 7 is the least.
  • Lots - volume of the first trade in the group of orders, in lots.
  • Magic - magic number;
  • Slippage - allowable slippage in points;
  • Trailing_Start_Money - start of the trailing in the deposit currency;
  • Long_Trades - allow buy trades;
  • Short_Trades - allow sell trades;
  • New_Cycle - after closing, allow opening new orders;
  • Overlap_LH - allow using additional trailing in money for the uppermost and lowermost orders of the group (separately for Buy and Sell);
  • Step_Close - minimum distance from an order to close it;
  • Step_Grids - step for the order grid in points;
  • MaximumOrdersInWork - maximum allowed number of EA orders;
  • MultiplierVolume - lot multiplier;
  • Overlap_after - minimum number of orders in a group to cover the first order by the last one.

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