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BinaryM is an indicator that helps forecast the next forex pair bar.

BinaryM is designed to avoid losing multiple times in a row.

BinaryM can be used with any pair and timeframe.


  • History: 0 = all bars
  • Key: this should be between 1-9 (any selected number will be attached to the notice board)
  • online: set true if you want to use in live trading
  • Interval: select false to enable the signal for every candlestick of any pair and timeframe
  • Jesu: this works like moving average
  • NoticeColour: change the background color of the Notice Board


  1. The algorithm behind the red/blue buffer is the same as the call/put signal.
  2. BinaryM is best used with martingale.
  3. I use this indicator by trading all the signals in a row with martingale.


  1. There might be a conflict when trying to compare the signal call/put to red/blue buffer, hence the need to separate them.
  2. Trader needs counting ability if he or she cannot use BinaryM with martingale.

Notice Board

  1. The countdown timer means a trader should wait till the time end before placing an order.
  2. The expiry time of the signal is the current timeframe of the symbol available beside "byPO:OSAA".


The longest red blue/buffer signifies win and short red/blue buffer means loss.

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Version 10.312 - 2018.03.15
The new version attached each signal either call or put to each bar.
Version 10.112 - 2018.03.02
Interval: Select 'false' to enable the signal for every candlestick of any pair and timeframe.