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GRV system

GRV system indicator is a trading strategy based on three indicators. The indicator is quite clear: the up arrow means a buy signal, while the down arrow stands for a sell one. The arrows are not redrawn. The default settings are meant for EURUSD. Signals are relevant for all timeframes. If used properly, the indicator becomes an efficient tool.


  • Period_MA1, Period_MA2, Period_MA3 - Moving Average periods;
  • MA_Method - Moving Average method (common for all three lines);
  • SARstep - Parabolic SAR step;
  • SARmaximum - Parabolic SAR maximum;
  • Period_ADX - Average Directional Movement Index period.
2018.04.19 10:19   

Роман, помоги с настройками индикатора, не могу разобраться как собрать настройки , а то на начальных настройках он в месяц показывает два-три сигнала, можно как то его подразогнать чуть-чуть ?