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Donozy is a trend following Expert Advisor based on the Donchian channel. The EA can trade either in one direction, or in both. Trades are opened and closed automatically. Take profit and stop loss can be set. It is recommended to attach the program on several currency pairs at the same time (for example: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP). With an average aggressiveness of trading, use 1 lot per $1000 of the deposit when trading one pair. More details are described in the EA settings.


  • Enable trade - enable/disable trading.
  • Enable sounds - enable/disable sound notification of trade operations.
  • Max Lot - maximum lot limitation.
  • Auto Lot- if true, a lot is calculated automatically considering Risk Rate in %, risk level, but not exceeding the Max Lot value. If false, Max Lot value is used.
  • Max Lot - maximum lot limitation.
  • Risk Rate in % - risk level if autolot is enabled.
  • Take Profit (points) - take profit in points.
  • Stop Loss (points) - stop loss in points.
  • Allow Orders Types - order type. All - buy and sell. Only buy - only buy. Only sell - only sell.
  • Spread Limit (points) - spread limitation when performing trades.
  • Channel period (bars) - the number of bars for calculating the Donchian channel.
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