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CME Daily Bulletin Market Profile

Market Profile shows the distribution of volumes over a selected period, allowing to effectively determine support and resistance levels, as well as the so called Flat Base levels. Other similar indicators only draw the market profile based on tick volumes. CME Daily Bullettin Market Profile can calculate values using both tick and real volumes. The source of such volumes is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME. To update CME data, users need to save daily CME reports on their computer. Detailed instructions on performing the update can be found in the blog How to update CME reports on your PC.


  • Volume Type - the type of the base volume, which is used to build the market profile. If the chart period is intraday, tick volume is always used for the base type, regardless of the parameter value. For daily charts, one of six volume types provided by CME is available. For more details on the types of CME volumes, please see the CME volume indicator page.
  • Display Type - the parameter allows to select from two types of volume display:
    • Single Mode - the volume is displayed as a single histogram for a period specified in 'Single Period';
    • Cluster Mode - the indicator builds several market profiles, each of which has the period equal to 'Cluster Period';
  • Calculation Type - volume calculation type. Two types are supported: Simple and Weighted (taking into account the bar range);
  • Cluster Period - sets the calculation period for the Cluster Mode in Display Type;
  • Single Period - sets the calculation period for the Single Mode in Display Type;
  • Step Size - the density of the histogram rays, specified in symbol points;
  • Auto Detect Report Name - if true, the required report will be determined automatically;
  • Report name - the name of the reported downloaded manually (when Auto Detect = false);
  • Update Frequency Min - the frequency of downloading CME data, the number of downloads per minute. Set to 0 if no download is required.
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