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Brief report weekly trade 5

The script creates a brief daily summary report of the weekly trade in a separate window.

Input parameters of the script

  • number of weeks - set the time interval (the number of weeks) for the report.
  • switch for symbols selection - three modes for selecting the instruments to generate the report:
    • All_Symbols - report is generated for deals of all instruments.
    • Current_Symbols_Only - report is generated only for deals of the instrument in the current window.
    • Without_Current_Symbols - report is generated for all deals of all instruments, except the current one.
  • hide account number - show/hide the account number.
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Version 1.34 2018.12.22
Error correction
Version 1.33 2018.12.20
The limitation of the reporting period is removed.
Version 1.32 2018.02.14
Fixed bugs