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HMA Trend Professional demo MT5

Demo version of the HMA Trend Professional indicator.

The main feature of the "HMA Trend Professional" indicator is the ability to predict the trend reversal with high probability.

The trend reversal forecast is based on the statistical analysis of history data.

The indicator plots statistical diagrams which can be used by traders to see the current phase of the market (impulse or correction, the beginning, middle or end of the movement) and evaluate the probability of a reversal.

See the main page of HMA Trend Professional to see the detailed description and the video with real-time trading with the indicator.

Limitation of the demo version: the indicator is fully functional on the NZDUSD pair. On the other instruments, the statistical data are demonstrative (not real!) and there are no preliminary signals.


HMA settings - parameters of the Hull indicators.

  • Fast HMA period - fast HMA period;
  • Slow HMA period - slow HMA period;
  • HMA averaging method - smoothing method;
  • the Frequency of signals in the trend direction - frequency of signals in the trend direction:
    • Frequent signals (by switching Fast HMA) - frequent signals by switching of the fast HMA in the direction of the slow HMA;
    • Rare signals (by switching Slow HMA)) - rare signals by switching of the slow HMA;
  • Arrows of signals in main window - draw signal arrows in the main window;
  • Rendering depth of signals (=0 - the whole history) - the number of bars to draw the signals (0 - all history);
  • the Probability Value for filtering late signals (Freq.signals) - the probability value, above which the late signals are filtered out (only for the frequent signals);
  • Position of the panel to display the probability - position of the panel with the probability diagrams:
    • Left-Up;
    • Left-Down;
    • Right-Up;
    • Right-Down.
  • Color of UP-trend signal - color of the Up signal;
  • Color of DOWN-trend signal - color of the Down signal.

Notifications/Sounds - text and sound settings.

  • ON/OFF - Sound when the signal - enable/disable sound signals.
  • ON/OFF - Alert - enable/disable alerts in the terminal.
  • ON/OFF - Mail - enable/disable sending email messages.
  • ON/OFF - Push - enable/disable sending push notifications to mobile devices.
  • Sound file on the closed bar - the final signal - audio file name for the final signal (on a closed bar).
  • Sound file on the current bar - the possible signal - audio file name for a preliminary signal (on the current bar).
  • Enable the possible signal on the current bar - enable a preliminary signal on the current bar.
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