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The utility repeats manual BUY, SELL, BUYLIMIT, SELLLIMIT, BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP trades having Comment = "R" or "r".

Instead of trades closed by Take Profit, the utility sets Limit orders with closed trade parameters.


The program is useful when applying manual grid strategies when a user sets an order grid in a certain price channel having certain parameters and constantly repeats trades after closing them. The program automates repeating trades.

Operation example

There is a BUYSTOP pending order (lot=0.1;open=1.2400;tp=1.2415;Comment=R)

The price reaches 1.2400 - BUYSTOP becomes BUY

The price reaches 1.2415 - BUY becomes TakeProfit = 1.2415

The utility sees a new order in trading history having Comment = R and gives the command to open a new BUYLIMIT pending order (lot=0.1;open=1.2400;tp=1.2415;Comment=R)

How to use

  • The program is installed in the currency pair window and monitors its trades.
  • To make the program repeat trades when placing an order, set "R" or "r" in the comments;
  • The program has no parameters to change.
  • The utility does not open trades on its own, instead it repeats already closed ones having Comment = "R" or "r"

The program can also repeat trades closed by Stop Loss only if the price allows that.

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