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MNZ Entry Detector

Entry Detector indicator seeks for a confluence between the trend on a higher timeframe and lower timeframes to generate entry signals. The indicator uses some built-in indicators (CCI) in determining the trend as well price action on higher timeframes and lower timeframes. The signals are generated when there is a convergence on higher & lower TF during the formation of candles. Thus you can either make use of signals when they are generated instantly. For more confirmation you can wait until the candle is closed. I don't recommend waiting until the candle is closed.


The indicator gives 4 types of signals as follows:

  1. Up Arrow: Buy Signal
  2. Down Arrow: Sell Signal
  3. Red Cross X: Close Buy Signal if there is running buy position, or continue in sell if there is running sell position
  4. Blue Cross x: Close Sell signal if there is running sell position, or continue in buy if there is running buy position


    • Sound Alert (True/False): True to enable sound alert when there is new signal, False to disable Sound Alert
    • Push Notification(True/False): True to enable sending push notifications to your Mobile MT4 App, False to disable Push Notifications

I do recommend to use it on H1 or M30 timeframes for robust signals

Aravind 2018.05.08 02:10 

Very good indicator