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Sign of victory

Sign of victory is a new indicator based on three digital filters.

The indicator plots three histograms in a separate window, and also draws an arrow on the price chart. Each histogram is a digital filter that converts quotes and decomposes them into trends: buy or sell.

The examples of market entries using this indicator are shown on the screenshots using arrows.

This indicator can help traders better assess the market situation.

Sign of victory features

  • The indicator is perfect for scalping and intraday trading.
  • This is an efficient tool for both novice and experienced traders.
  • It is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the indicator on history.
  • The indicator does not redraw (recalculate).
  • It can be used as a standalone tool or together with other indicators.
  • System of notifications to email and mobile device on new indicator signals.
  • Ability to customize the color scheme of the indicator.

Recommendations on usage

Buy signal: the indicator arrow points upwards.

Sell signal: the indicator arrow points downwards.


  • Period - calculation period of the main digital filter. Increasing the value slows the indicator down, which improves the quality of signals and reduces their number. Decreasing the value is more suitable for aggressive traders.
  • Alert - enable/disable Alert. If true - enabled, false - disabled.
  • Email - enable/disable sending e-mails. If true - enabled, false - disabled.
  • Push - enable/disable sending messages to the mobile terminal. If true - enabled, false - disabled.
  • BUY - color of the histogram and arrows for buy signals.
  • SELL - color of the histogram and arrows for sell signals.


Evgeny Belyaev - professional programmer and successful trader.

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