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DYJ Sharp

DYJ Sharp advanced algorithm that detects new trends and current trend continuations for use as an entry and exit strategy.

The strategy display the SHARP trend demarcation area. This SHARP area has high HighLine and low LowLine.

Falling of high below HighLine of SHARP and then falling of close below LowLine of SHARP can be interpreted as a signal to sell.

Rising of close above HighLine of SHARP and then rising of low above LowLine of SHARP can be interpreted as a signal to buy.

The signal for each currency pair is shown in the LAST SIGNALLED field.

MT4, email and push alerts can be enabled.


  • Paris - Specify multiple symbols, separated by commas, such as "EURUSD,USDJPY,CADJPY";
  • MAX_BARS = 100 - Maximum Bars.
  • nMinPeriod = D1 - Minimum Entry period.
  • nMaxPeriod = D1 - Maximum Entry period.
  • SendEmail = false - Notifications to your email.
  • ShowAlert = true - Show alert pop-up.
  • MobileAlert = true - Notifications to your mobile device.
  • MyMessage = Message from My SHARP - Custom message.


  • Daying Cao, an experienced software engineer.
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