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HL Panel

HL Panel is a custom multi-symbol indicator which detects breakouts and gives real time signals when the price is at new daily, weekly or monthly high/ low. The panel is interactive and allows you to switch the symbol on the chart with one click. In addition there are multiple options for customization including colors and sizes.


  • The indicator detects breakouts in real time and gives visual signals with text and color.
  • Simultaneous signals from 3 time frames. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Automated alerts.
  • Interactive panel which gives you the ability to switch the symbol on the chart instantly with one click.
  • Horizontal levels with price labels on the chart.
  • The indicator is automatically synchronized with the Market Watch window in Meta Trader 4 where you can set lists with your favorite symbols.
  • The indicator works very well in combination with Interactive RSI Matrix. This way not only you can detect the breakouts, but also you can see the strength of the breakouts. Multiple confirmations from different indicators create stronger signals!


  • Number of Symbols - how many symbols to show.
  • Show HL Daily - enable/disable daily signals.
  • Show HL Weekly - enable/disable weekly signals.
  • Show HL Monthly - enable/disable monthly signals.
  • Alert Interval - minimum time interval between the signals.
  • Panel X Distance - horizontal distance from the upper left corner of the chart.
  • Panel Y Distance - vertical distance from the upper left corner of the chart.
  • Panel Size Multiplier - increase or decrease the size of the panel.
  • Font Size Multiplier - increase or decrease the size of the font.
  • Daily Level Width - width of the daily price level.
  • Weekly Level Width - width of the weekly price level.
  • Monthly Level Width - width of the monthly price level.
  • High - signal color for high.
  • Low - signal color for low.
  • New High - signal color for new high.
  • New Low - signal color for new low.
  • Panel Text - text color.
  • Panel Background - background color.
  • Panel Border - border color.
  • Panel Selected Symbol - color for the selected symbol.

Note! The free demo works only in the strategy tester with one symbol.

If you have some questions or if you need help, contact me via PM.

pnutfx503 2020.03.18 12:22 


Aravind 2018.06.25 06:54 

Good utility panel.

bighead1971 2018.01.22 12:46 

I absolutely love this panel, the best high low panel on here. The seller is fast to respond to emails. 5 stars :)

Version 1.1 2018.01.19
Added alerts functionality.