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Angle MA all types

"Angle MAs all types" is a MetaTrader 4 indicator which reports the angle formed with a horizontal line and a moving average. It allows selecting MA method to use, period, price and the number of bars on which the angle is calculated. The angle is calculated from your tangent (change of price per minute).

You can select 10 types of MA, 4 standard in MetaTrader 4 (SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA) and 6 non-standard (DEMA, TEMA, LRMA, HMA, AMA, FRAMA).

General Parameters:

  • Period MA: To defined the number of bars to calculate the moving average.
  • Type MA: To defined the type of moving average to show in the current graph.


  • Applied price: To select the price type (close, high, low ...).
  • Smoothing period: Period of smoothing signal; 6 by default.
  • Interval bars to evaluate the slope: The angle is calculated from the tangent (change in price per minute).
  • Visual setting: Allows adjusts the indicator numerical information to the screen image when the user changes the timeframe or make zoom.
Advantages of use:
  • Evaluation of the trend strength for risk management.
  • Anticipating change in trend.
Vladimir Simakin
Vladimir Simakin 2018.01.25 11:13 

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