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This script makes ticks history data for an offline chart. You can set a tick volume for a bar. This script is also measuring bar creation speed.


  • Number of ticks within a bar
  • Maximum bars to convert
  • Enable ignoring spread
  • Omit high and low value in history bars
  • Omit digits for display adjust
  • Enable display 1 pip-unit bar
  • Number of bars to average their speed
  • Enable Bar-speed label
  • Color of speed label
  • Refresh rate of offline chart (Millseconds)


  1. Set input parameters.
  2. Attach this script to M1 or M5 chart. It generates history data file. The file has suffix 'T' at the end of the chart symbol.
  3. Open the history file from [File] menu. The offline chart is redrawing on the Refresh rate setting.
  4. If the offline chart does not update automatically, attach this script again to the same chart.
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Version 1.50 2018.12.12
ver1.5 Calculating Milliseconds
Millisecond time scale is calculating at this version.

Added option
input dps default_period=M5; //Default Source Chart Period M1 or M5
If the period of the attached chart is larger than M5, this scripts change the period of the chart to this option's value.