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PSC Safe Trading

PSC Safe Trading is a position size calculator. It helps the trader to establish the correct size and helps him to have a correct Money Management.

Main features

  • It calculates the properly lot size based on a fixed risk percentage.
  • It calculates the properly lot size based on a fixed monetary amount.
  • PSC Safe Trading also allows to switch easily between Balance or Equity to calculate the correct lot size.
  • It allows you to modify Stop Loss and Entry Point in a comfortable and fast way, so you can use it whether you're a scalper or a long term trader.
  • Few input parameters for an easier set up.
  • Button for hide all texts.
  • Stop Loss and Entry Point can be modified either with keyboard or by moving the lines.

Input parameters

  • Money Management:
    • Percentage Risk
    • Use Monetary risk instead of Percentage risk: (true/false)
    • Monetary risk: monetary amount to risk
    • Use Equity instead of Balance: (true/false)
  • Generic settings:
    • True = Delete lines. False = Restore levels.: Delete or Restore lines feature when the terminal is turned off
    • Hide Lines: feature to use only keyboard input boxes and hide Stop Loss Line and Entry Line
    • Alert reminder: every PSC can fail if lot size is below 0.10 lots. This feature remembers it to you, so you can pay more attention.
  • Graphic settings.
    • Entry line color
    • Stop loss line color
    • Text color
    • Pos. Size color: allows you to put in evidence the lot size
    • Corner: allows you to decide where put the texts

About the Author

I'm a university student of economics. I've learned C++ programming 7 years ago and MQL4 programming almost 2 years ago. My trading is divided in two: long term investments (with real stocks, ETFs, etc.) and short/mid term speculation. The last one is mainly conducted with CFDs on Forex and Indices. The choice of CFDs is because they were my first love. All my EAs or Indicators are the same instruments that I use in my personal trading.

It's always welcome every suggestion to improve products for the whole community.

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.16 01:16 

Useful trading tool.

Version 3.1 - 2018.03.14
- Bug fixed when HideLines = true