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Game Speed Mind

A game for training the processing speed and attention.

An exciting game to keep you entertained and to make good use of small breaks in work.

It helps in developing the processing speed, attention, reaction, and also creates a light mood of excitement and victory.

It serves as a small mental and emotional warm-up in case of fatigue, which is certainly very important in the modern rhythm of life.

The game requires making decisions based on a creative and mathematical approach.

Each game is given a minute. The task is to select a cell with coins, which has total amount larger than that of the others or is the same (a green coin with a question mark can contain 5 or 0).

  • Start - start the game.
  • Close - close the game.
  • Open - open the game.
  • Select cells by clicking the left mouse button on one of the 4 cells (if the answer is correct, the program window will flash green; if not, then red).
  • The square in the top left corner of the program (the move button) changes color when clicked (gray/red). If it is red, the game can be moved (this button is not available while a game is in process).
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Version 1.1 2020.06.09